ChatControl [LITE] 1.43.2

Enchant the chat

  1. nayongbin108
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    This plugin will help makes sure you chat is %100 ok. This includes muting and temp mutings also you can also clear the chat.
    /cc clear
    /cc mute {player} Mute a player
    /cc unmute {player} Unmute the player
    /cc tempmute {player} {duration} Temporary mute the player for the duration. The duration is d: days h: Hours m:Minutes s: Seconds. All in one argument.
    chatcontrol.* All the chatcontrol permissions
    chatcontrol.clear Clear the chat
    chatcontrol.mute Mute a player
    chatcontrol.unmute Unmute a player
    chatcontrol.tempmute Tempmute a player
    Tells the player that you mute them in red
    Tells the player that you unmute them in green
    Tells the player how long that can't talk when try to chat

    UUID support is in the full version and tempmute messages also.