ChatControl 5.6.5

The original most popular chat plugin. Incredible solution for ads, swear, caps, spam, bots & more!

  1. 5.6.5

    • Improve | The updater is now fail-proof to when the service is unavailable.
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  2. 5.6.4

    • New | Added a basic support for (some) vanish plugins - join/leave messages won't be shown for vanished players.
    • Fix | Solved player's cache not being reset when the chat is muted.
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  3. 5.6.3

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  4. 5.6.2

    • Improve | Added a more informative error message when chat format is specified invalid in Chat.Formatter.Chat_Format.
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  5. 5.6.1

    • Improve | Updated the check where if you have "chatcontrol.bypass.spamkick" permission, you will no longer get kicked for "Kicked for spamming" (or "disconnect.spam" on older Minecrafts).
    • Fix | Fixed some variables from PlaceholderAPI being hidden by our native ones and not being replaced. We replace PAPI placeholders now first.
  6. 5.6.0

    Note: The version number did not change due to no code changes.
    • New | Bulgarian translation in courtesy of @DoNotSpamPls
      • To use, set "Locale" to "bg" in settings.yml
  7. 5.6.0

    • Improve | Restrict the use of &r to allow it only for people with any permission.
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  8. 5.5.9

    • Added Romanian translation by @DariusTK
      • To use, set "Locale" key to "ro" in settings.yml
  9. 5.5.8

    Note: Version numbers haven't changed due to a short update times in between those two versions!

    • Added an option Lookup_Geo_Data to disable or enable determining player's region code and name when they login, saving performance when not used.
  10. 5.5.8

    • Fixed a NPE when player's geographical data (country name) are null.
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