ChatCorrector 1.7.9

Corrector Plugin

  1. Lesboss_
    You can simply check the spelling of your word with this plugin! Just write your word into the chat bar and press TAB. This plugin now asks Google for suggestions. This plugin is compatible with almost every language that Google supports. English and German also have a little list of common errors by Wikipedia: English-List and German-List
    How to use this plugin?

    Write a word into your chat bar, eg "Mine", now tap TAB. Its sometimes a bit random but you should now get "Minecraft". Same with "Moj" turns into "Mojang". It doesnt work with everything just test it.

    /wec - Just a little info
    /wec reload - Reloads the config.yml


    use-metrics = Turn this to false and this plugin no longer sends anonymous data to
    language = Enter your language code here. eg en is English, de is German and so on.
    prefer-playernames = Set this to true and if a player matches your chatline after pressing tab, the player will be prefered. = Turn this to false and this plugin no longer searches on Google for spelling checks.
    use.wikipedialist = Turn this to false and this plugin no longer uses the Wikipedia-Lists from above. Turn to true only works for German and English.


    wecorrect.command = Permission for /wec and /wec reload
    wecorrect.correct = Permission to correct words with TAB

    External Services

    This plugin connects to to send anonymous data of your server location, version and so on. Can be turned of in the config. This plugin also connects to Google to check your spelling. Can be turned of. This plugin uses a list of common spelling errors by Wikipedia. Can be turned of.

    Thanks for reading and maybe using my plugin :)
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