ChatEmojis 2.1.1b12

Emojis for chat

  1. Use Emojis on Signs & Books, Settings GUI, Reload Command

    In this update new sub-commands were added for quick accessibility.
    • /emoji
      • - Shows list of emojis (chatemojis.list)
      • /emoji help- Shows list of commands
      • /emoji reload - Reloads all emojis (chatemojis.reload)
      • /emoji version - Shows the plugin's version
      • /emoji settings - Toggle plugin settings (chatemojis.admin)

      New permission nodes were also added for these new sub-commands which you can see listed above.

      Added ability to use...
  2. New Emojis, PlaceholderAPI Support, Multiple Emojis Support, Code Enhancement

    Hello everyone, thanks to everyone who downloaded my plugin, for the reviews, and suggestions. In this update I reworked how ChatEmojis works.
    I added 3 new emojis; sad, happy, and music. I also added an example emoji called playername that basically shows off how you can use PlaceholderAPI's placeholders in ChatEmojis:


    Please note that PlaceholderAPI is a soft-dependency meaning that ChatEmojis doesn NOT require it for it to function. If...