Chatemotions 1.0

This is a Spezial Chatemotions

  1. Lars__SVW
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    This is a Chatemotion plugin with the normal Chatemotions for example Hug or Kiss and our extra Things like fuck, piss and other features. When you are interested what commands we have in our Plugin then read this description.

    -/fuck PLAYER
    -/piss PLAYER
    -/hug PLAYER
    -/kiss PLAYER
    -/puke PLAYER
    -/stab PLAYER
    -/lick PLAYER
    -/cry PLAYER
    -/depressiv PLAYER

    -/fuck Fucks a player
    -/piss Pisses on a player
    -/hug Hugs a player
    -/kiss Kisses a player
    -/puke Pukes on a player
    -/stab Stabs a player
    -/lick Licks a player like an Ice cream
    -/cry You cry like a baby to a player
    -/depressiv You make a player depressiv
    -/emotesreload Reloades the plugin
    -/fuck emotions.fuck
    -/piss emotions.piss
    -/hug emotions.hug
    -/kiss emotions.kiss
    -/puke emotions.puke
    -/stab emotions.stab
    -/lick emotions.lick
    -/cry emotions.cry
    -/depressiv emotions.depressiv
    -/emotesreload emotions.reload

    If you have questions please contact me by my Discord or by Spigotmc with a comment but in Discord i answer quicker than on Spigotmc.

    If you want the plugin in any other language please contact me over Discord and when i answer you with yes you get the plugin in 4h-2days.

    So anyway when you are interested in this plugin you can download it i am happy about every single download.

    Best regards Lars_SVW