ChatExtender 1.0

Listen for configurable commands that ne'er-do-wells usually type and allows you to evesdrop on PMs.

  1. Penguinchao
    This is a simple plugin that I wrote that listens for certain commands, then displays them to people with the permissions who are currently listening. I made this for the server I play on as a way to be lazy and not need to shell in to the console. It is meant to be simple and lightweight, so there are no planned features, but I am open to feature suggestions.

    • Listen to commands and PMs of players that are online, which is good for catching grievers and advertisers early.
    • Configurable
    • Different permissions (probably don't want all your mods eavesdropping on players).
    • /celisten -- Toggles whether or not you want to receive listener notifications
    • chatextender.listen -- allows the use of /celisten
    • chatextender.conversations -- player will receive notifications for player conversations (not recommended for all mods)
    • chatextender.commands -- player will receive notifications when a player tries to use watched commands that are listed in the config (like /op, /version, etc.)