ChatExtra 1.1.5

This plugin contain's all you need for controlling the chat.

  1. sam_0208
    This plugin contain's all you need for controlling the chat.

    Note: This project was already on Bukkit when published here. So i hope that will explain the older versions that are not here.

    You can enable or disable the chat, when disabled only people with permission may talk.
    You can also clear the chat and with the ChatFilter is it possible to block people from typing certain words in the chat.
    If you don not like someone's chat behavior you can mute them and it is no longer possible for him/her to chat.
    When you like to chat with some fancy colors you can enable them in the config so you can chat color codes.
    When you want to tell all the online players something but you don't like the /say command try /broadcast you can also use color codes when color codes are enabled.
    When players need the help of an admin they can ask them trough this command it will alert all the online admins.
    If you want to talk to all the other admins enable the admin chat so your message is send and recognizable by all the other admins. Don't worry if you want to say something in the global chat type # before your message.
    If you want to set a message that repeats itself after ... ticks you can use the auto broadcast command
    When you have some rules on your server you can set them by the rules command players can see the rules when they type /rules

    • /Chat <enable/disable/clear>
    • /WelcomeMessage <set/enable/disable>
    • /Mute <player>
    • /ChatFilter <add/remove> <word>
    • /Broadcast <message>
    • /AdminHelp <message>
    • /AdminChat
    • /ColorCodes
    • /AutoBroadcast <delay in ticks> <use defaultprefix true/false> <message>
    • /Rules <add/remove> <rule>

    • ce.* - Permission for all the ChatExtra features
    • ce.Chat.Enable - Permission to enable the chat
    • ce.Chat.Disable - Permission to disable the chat
    • ce.Chat.Clear - Permission to clear the chat
    • ce.WelcomeMessage - Permission to enable disable or to set the welcome message
    • ce.Mute - Permission to mute or un mute players
    • ce.ChatFilter - Permission to add or remove words from the chat filter
    • ce.Broadcast - Permission to broadcast messages
    • ce.AdminHelp - Permission to ask admins for help Default = true
    • ce.AdminChat - Permission to enable disable and receive the adminchat
    • ce.ChatWhileClosed - Permission to chat while the chat is closed
    • ce.AdminHelpMessage - Permission to receive the admin help messages
    • ce.ColorChat - Permission to do /colorcodes and to chat in color
    • ce.AutoBroadcast - Permission to add auto broadcast messages
    • ce.Rules - Permission to add or remove rules

    Coming Soon
    • Reply function for admin help messages
    • Mute reason
    • Private message
    • Custom join message
    • Formatting codes chat
    • Something you guy's want

    Change Log
    Beta v1.0:
    • Released ChatExtra v1.0

    Beta v1.1.3:
    • Added an automatic broadcast function
    • Added a /colorcodes command to check what type of code you need
    • Added a permission for chatting with colors and for the /colorcodes command
    • Fixed bug where join message was displayed after the welcome message
    • Added some comments to config.yml

    Release v1.1.4:
    • New function to add rules for your server people can view them with the command /rules and admins can add or remove rules with /rules <add/remove> <rule>
    • Fixed permission message of /autobroadcast /chat clear and /colorcodes
    • Because some servers need to mute a lot of people it is not very handy to have the muted players stored in the config.yml so now there is a new mute.yml file
    • This is the same for the auto broadcast messages it is now in a separate file AutoBroadcast.yml so the config file is cleaner
    • Changed look of the Admin Message a bit

    This version will automatically copy the muted players and the auto broadcasted messages to there new file.

    ChatExtra Release 1.1.5:
    • Added a brand new private message system do /privatemessage <player> <message> to send someone a private message
    • Fixed error when you do not type in a valid number at the /autobroadcast command
    • You can now add a mute reason
    • Changed how muted players are stored
    • Added working formatting codes
    • Changed AutoBroadcast.yml to autobroadcast.yml

Recent Updates

  1. ChatExtra release v1.1.5 (up to mc 1.8.8)