ChatFeelings v4.8

The Original Minecraft Emote & Feeling Plugin! Extremely Customizable & Easy to Use.

  1. v4.8 - Add support for 1.18

    • Added 1.18 support to ChatFeelings
    • Utilizes maven to allow for compiling with latest Spigot APIs.
    • Updated internal metric classes.
    • Compiled with latest plugin dependencies.

      This update still fully supports 1.13 and all versions up to...
  2. ChatFeelings v4.7 - Added 1.17 Support

    • Added 1.17 support to ChatFeelings.
    • Update checking now uses spigot's more stable API
    • Some optimizations and internal fixes.
    • Compiled with latest dependency builds.
    • Updated / Optimized bStats classes.
  3. ChatFeelings v4.6.11 - Bug Fixes & 1.16.4

    • Removed /spook as it's no longer spoopy season.
    • Fixed /cry not working.
    • Fixed placeholder typos and updated the Placeholders List accordingly.
    • Compiled with latest AdvancedBan...
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  4. ChatFeelings v4.6.10

    • Fixed possible bug not showing /spook in the feelings list when enabled.
    • Added individual total placeholders for feelings! (See placeholders on main page)
    • Added ChatFeelings.getFeelings() API function. (Returns List)
    • Optimized feeling handlers...
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  5. ChatFeelings v4.6.9 - SPOOKS!

    Spooky Update
    • For the past couple of years, it's been a tradition for ChatFeelings to have a seasonal emote! As halloween approaches, players can now use /spook with this new update. Message customizations and the ability to disable this seasonal emote can be found in the emotes.yml file. This emote will only work on 1.13 and higher. Happy Spooking!
  6. ChatFeelings v4.6.8 - 1.16 Particle Bugfix

    • Fixes an error being shown for some particles when using 1.16.
    • Thanks for using ChatFeelings! ❤️
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  7. ChatFeelings v4.6.7 - Add 1.16.X Support

    • Added 1.16 and 1.16.1 support to ChatFeelings
    • Better prepare for future updates while maximizing compatibility.
    • Sounds now are enabled for all versions unless mis-configured.
    • Fixed the console spamming messages when an Essentials user file is deleted....
  8. ChatFeelings v4.6.6 - Better PlaceholderAPI Support

    Sorry for the nearly same day update. v4.6.6 is a LTR
    • Instead of relying on an outside expansion for ChatFeelings, it is now built in. If you have PlaceholderAPI you can use these two placeholders:
      • %chatfeelings_total_sent% - Shows the player...
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  9. ChatFeelings v4.6.5 - PAPI Support & API Updates

    • Added proper support for UUIDs & Usernames when accessing the ChatFeelings API
    • Added PlaceholderAPI Support.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Metrics to not send correctly.
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  10. ChatFeelings v4.6.4 - Bug Fixes

    • Fixes large errors being thrown when using LiteBans.
    • Fixes a common error being thrown when Radius features are enabled and the sender / target are in different worlds.
    • Significantly improved performance when checking if a player is muted when using feelings.
    • Improved performance...