ChatFilter 1.0

Prevent any word you want with one command! Fully customizable!

  1. MinerMatty
    With ChatFilter, you can use 1 command to add or remove a word from the ChatFilter. Words can also be added by going into the config.yml file.

    Want to change the message that displays to a player when they use a word that is on the bad word list? Simple! Just go into the config.yml file and change it there.

    /filter - Show help for the filter command.
    Permission Node - filter.use

    /filter add <word> - Add a word to the filter.
    Permissions Node - filter.add

    /filter remove <word> - Remove a word from the filter.
    Permission Node - filter.remove

    Code (Text):
        - fuck
        - shit
    Message: '&4Please do not use that language.'

    Simple to use, simple to configure and no dependencies to run! Enjoy!

Recent Reviews

  1. dumbninja22
    Version: 1.0
    Wow just wow. The chat filter does not work. It works if your chat message is only that swear word, but if it is included amidst other words it does not work.