ChatHandler - Tab, Chat, Books, ClearChat, Signs, & API! 1.3

Format your signs, chat, books, tab, with color codes. With a feature rich API!

  1. iHolden
    Hello, this is my second professional plugin on spigot, I will be adding more stuff to it rapidly until I feel as if it is completed and has beyond met it's requirements. This plugin is feature rich with enhancements to the every day minecraft server, here are the features:
    • API
    • Clear your chat or global
    • Chat color codes
    • Change your name in tab to any color in minecraft
    • Color codes in books
    • Color codes on signs
    • More coming soon, as in a config, and use of the API itself.
    /chathandler - Show me, and the version
    /cc - Shows clearchat menu

    Note: It's quite long due to the fact there's a permission node for every chat color for tab.
    • chat.color - usage of color codes in chat
    • sign.color - usage of color codes on signs
    • cc.own - usage to clear your own chat
    • usage to clear global chat

    Tab nodes just change the color of your name in tab, here is the list:
    • tab.darkblue
    • tab.darkgreen
    • tab.darkaqua
    • tab.darkred
    • tab.darkpurple
    • tab.lightgrey
    • tab.darkgrey
    • tab.lightblue
    • tab.lightgreen
    • tab.aqua
    • tab.lightred
    • tab.lightpurple
    • tab.yellow
    • tab.white
    Formatting codes like &l, &k, &m, &n, and &r will be in the next update.

    You can access the official API that is in this plugin (no it is not needed to run)! You can learn more HERE.
    More features will be in the next update (bossbar?).

    For all of those who have hateful comments, and hateful reviews & bad ratings, please keep to yourself as I am a developer in learning & trying to learn just as everyone else on this site, if you would like to leave a good review, thank you. If not, please keep to yourself and thanks for reading. Want more cool stuff? Click here to view my plugins.

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