ChatHandler 1.4 FINAL

An ChatHandler like Essentials

  1. CroLynX
    This Ressource gets its last Update (1.4) soon.
    After that, ChatHandler2 comes out as Premium Plugin.
    NEWS: ChatHandler2 is still in development but its almost finished.


    • Global Mute
    • Chat Format
    • Customizable Messages
    • Permissions
    • Color Codes in the Chat
    • Global Mute with Bypass
    • PermissionsEx tested
    • /chathandler - Credits, Informations and Help
    • /chathandler help - Shows the Help Page
    • /chathandler reload - Reloads the Config
    • /chathandler globalmute - Activates the Global Mute
    • (SOON) /chathandler clear
    • chathandler.reload - Access to /chathandler reload
    • chathandler.globalmute - Access to /chathandler globalmute
    • chathandler.ignoreglobalmute - Bypass for Global Mute
    Code (Text):
    # Welcome to the Config of ChatHandler.
    # Setting: Chat Format
    # Usage: Sets the Format of a Player if he chats
    # Placeholders: %prefix% , %player%
    ChatFormat: '%prefix%%player%&6: &f'
    # Settings: Messages
    # Usage: Sets the Messages of the Plugin
      InvalidPermissions: 'You need the Permissions &e%permission% &cto use this Command.'
      ChatDisabled: 'The Chat is currently disabled.'

    Planned Features:
    • /chathandler cc - Clears the Chat
    • Ability to disable Features
    • Anti Swearing
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Recent Updates

  1. Release of ChatHandler2
  2. Bugfixes & Final Version
  3. Update 1.3.3

Recent Reviews

  1. Evoo
    Version: 1.4 FINAL
    not working.... I have Essentials + this. And i cant change my ChatFormat its stays <FACTION GROUP NICK> Message i want FACTION GROUP NICK :: Message i already add :: in config.. nothing change... not working.
    1. CroLynX
      Author's Response
      Please send me your Config File.
      Oh and, Factions is not supported at the moment. There will be a better Version of this Plugin out soon. It will work better.

      Do you have Vault installed? Without Vault the Prefix doesnt work.
  2. jarnevan
    Version: 1.3.3
    I was the test bunny Here in this plugin I hope I can Test more of your Features. .. . .. . .. . . .
    I hate to write 100 Characters xD
    1. CroLynX
      Author's Response
      Thanks for being a Tester of this PlugIn. If you're not owning the TESTER Rank at my Testing Server, then contact me when im online. There are going to come many more Features like Anti Swearing, ability to disable Features and the Ability to clear the Chat. If you have a Request, feel free to send me an PM. Greetings, CroLynX.