ChatHelp 1.0

ChatHelp can help u with the chat!

  1. GamingFish
    You need:
    Maybe a Server!

    How you can install it?
    1. You need to install "ChatHelp" in your plugins folder
    3. Start the server or reload the server!

    Command: /c
    Permission: chathelp.c
    This command will clean up the chat.

    Command: /glm
    Permission: chathelp.glm
    This command will deactivate the chat

    Command: /bc <message>
    Permission: chathelp.bc
    Sends a Broadcastmessage!
    If u write a message u can use Textcolors too :)

    If u need help u can ask me!

    If u want to support me:
    PayPal E-Mail: [email protected]

    Sorry for my bad english!