ChatHelper 1.0

A simple plugin to help you manage your chat.

  1. Vexel
    This plugin is the updated version of ClearChat from Bukkit.

    Frustrated with annoying guest logging on to your server to spam, advertise, and harass your dedicated players?
    Have a popular server that is constantly having it's global chat flooded by a plethora of messages?
    Accidentally tell your players that you like to dress up in dresses on Saturday nights and play with My Little Pony dolls?
    Well, if your answer was yes to any of those questions, this plugin is for you!

    Commands & Permissions

    /ch cl - Clear your own chat - chathelper.clocal
    /ch cg - Clear everyones chat - chathelper.cglobal
    /ch mute - Mute everyone from talking - chathelper.mute
    If players have the permission chathelper.moverride they will not be muted


Recent Reviews

  1. RetaliationMC
    Version: 1.0
    I Love This Plugin, Please Add More Features Such As Custom Color Coding The Prefix(es) , And The Chat It Self, Please Add More PlaceHolders.