ChatIcon 1.5

A lightweight chat icon plugin

  1. Citymonstret
    • Give your donators a fancy icon in the chat
    • An easy to use JSON powered click-to-use system (no commands needed)
    • Unlimited icons (find more at
    Command: /icon
    Alias: /cicon
    Permission: chaticon.use
    Description: Show the command list

    Command: /icon list
    Permission: chaticon.list
    Description: List all icons

    Command: /icon set <player | me> <icon>
    Permission: chaticon.set chaticon.set.others chaticon.set.{icon} (or chaticon.set.all)
    Description: Choose an icon

    Command: /icon remove <player>
    Permission: chaticon.remove chaticon.remove.others
    Description: Remove the currently used icon​

    How to use this: Use any chat formatting plugin of your choice and place {icon} wherever you want the icon to appear. If the plugin refuses to work then set "nmsControl" to true in the config.

    How to add more icons: Go into the configuration file (plugins/ChatIcon/config.yml) and add more entires to the list. You can find more unicode characters at


    Source: GitHub

Recent Updates

  1. Added better reflection support

Recent Reviews

  1. fightmaxime
    Version: 1.5
    Work, if you set nmsControl on true ! .. But don't work when icon is set..
    :( ....................