ChatManagement Pro 0.0.2

Adds over 20 features for your chat!

  1. Galaxias

    ChatManagement Pro provides a number of modules that should be used on every server. It improves chat, and the way your users use the chat.
    CMP adds over 10 commands and 20 modules!

    NOTE: CMP is currently in beta, meaning that there can be bugs. If you find them, make sure to report them!



    All available modules at the moment are:

    Code (Text):

      simpleBroadcast: true
      chatClear: true
      customJoinAndQuitMessage: true
      muteChat: true
      opChat: true
      opProtection: true
      staffContact: true
      reportPlayer: true
      blockPluginSyntax: true
      pluginObfuscator: true
      titleBroadcast: true
      antiSwear: true
      playerCount: true
      spawnOnJoin: true
      blockCommandsInVehicle: true
      antiAdvertising: true
      autoAfk: true
      awesomeFeature: true
    I try to add more modules with each update!


    The wiki (including all commands and permissions) can be found here: For any questions, please PM me!


    As you hopefully understand, making (and maintaining) a plugin like this takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you use this plugin and like it, a donation would be appreciated :)

    For my PayPal, please PM me. Donations keep me motivated to keep working on CMP and improving it. Thanks!

Recent Updates

  1. Added autoAfk module