ChatManager Pro [Everything Configuable with API] v1.6.1

Chatban - Change ChatFormat - PrivatMSG - Blacklisted words - AntiSpam - Adds the Teamchat

  1. Cornym

    The ChatManager ...

    With this Plugin you are able to change all ChatMessages and Join/Quit messages.

    Also the Plugin adds a Teamchat for TeamMembers.
    The permission for chatting in the Teamchat can be changed or Teamchat can be disabled in the config.yml.

    To use the Teamchat, write the Teamletter (changeable in the config.yml) before the message.

    Plugin tested on Spigot 1.8.8 - Java 8

    In order to show the player's name use [PLAYER].
    To show the message from the player use [MSG].

    New Features:

    Added ChatBan:

    - use /chatban [Player] [min] to chatban a player.
    - use /chatunban [player] to chatunban a player.

    Added AutoChatban:
    You can disable autoban in the config.yml
    Set up how often players can write bad words before autochatban.
    Set up how long players will be banned.

    Added AntiSpam:
    - DelayTime can be changed
    - Players with permission (changeable in config.yml) can still spam.

    Added Word Blacklist:
    - use /chat censor add [word] to add word to blacklist.
    - use /chat censor remove [word] to remove word from blacklist.
    - Players with permission (changeable in config.yml) can still write this words.

    - use /msg [Player] [Message] to write PrivateMaeeages.
    - To show the Name of the Receiver from the player use [RECIVER].
    - The format and messages can be changed it the config.yml
    - use /togglemsg to allow/deny getting PrivateMessages.

    Player with permissions(changeable in config.yml) can also use:
    - /togglemsg [player] to allow/deny getting PrivateMessages for specific player.

    - use /chat clear to clear the Chat of every Player.

    Added API:

    For Chatban player:
    Code (Text):
    For Chatunban player:
    Code (Text):
    Get Chatban time:
    Code (Text):
    Check that a player is chatbanned:
    Code (Text):

    All messages, permissions and settings can be changed in the config.yml.


    Code (Text):
      Info: 'Use: [PLAYER] for PlayerName, [MSG] for the Message and `&` for ColorCodes'
      ChatMessage: '&e[PLAYER] &8>> &f[MSG]'
      Enable: true
      ChatMessage: '&7Team: &e[PLAYER] &8>> &f[MSG]'
      ChatLetter: '@'
      Permission: teamchat.use
      Disable: false
      JoinMessage: '&e[PLAYER] joined the game'
      Disable: false
      JoinMessage: '&e[PLAYER] left the game'
      CommandPermission: censor.addwords
      NoPermission: '&cNo permissions ...'
      IgnoreBlacklistPermission: censor.ignore
      Message: '&cYou are not allowed to write that !'
        Enable: true
        WordsForBanned: 3
        AutoBanTime: 60
      WaitingTime(sek): 3
      Message: '&cDont spam !'
      IgnoreWaitingTimePermission: spam.ignore
      Enable: true
      Info: 'Use: [RECIVER] for the Player who get the message.'
      Message: '&7Msg: &e[PLAYER] > [RECIVER] &8>> &f[MSG]'
      NotOnline: '&cThe player is not online'
      SelfWriting: '&cYou cant write with yourself'
      ReceiverDeniedMsg: '&cThis player has denied PrivateMsgs'
      ToggleToAllow: '&eYou will now get every PrivateMessage.'
      ToggleToDeny: '&eYou wont get any PrivateMessages anymore.'
      PermissionToDenyOthers: chat.denyothers
      Info: 'Use: [TIME] for the Chatban time.'
      Permission: chat.chatban
      Message: '&cYou are chatbanned for [TIME] minutes !'
      ChatBanMessage: '&eYou have chatbanned [PLAYER] for [TIME] minutes'
      ChatUnBanMessage: '&eYou have chatunbanned [PLAYER]'

    Coming soon:
    - Anti Caps
    - More features for chatformat
    - Your ideas ?

    Please rate the resource, report bugs and give feedback and suggestions for further updates. Thanks :D

    Do you have a video of my plugin ?
    Send me the link and it will be shown here !!!


    This is a free plugin and there won't coming so much updates anymore ...
    The next projekt is running ...

    Thanks for 100 Downloads :D
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Recent Updates

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  2. Updated API
  3. added API and AutoChatban

Recent Reviews

  1. KhoaHoangVN
    Version: v1.6.1
    I'm running spigot 1.8.8 with your older version :)
    But at least it's working fine :)
    Thanks for the update ;)
    1. Cornym
      Author's Response
      Yes I've tested the older version , too.
      I think he needs a newer Java Version.
      Thanks for your review but there wont coming any updates anymore.
      I'm working at the new BIG Projekt LobbySystem ...
  2. EnderKraken
    Version: v1.6.1
    Alright edit from my last review i would like to see if i could disable the chat format as the plugins i use have a placeholder that does not support the current chat format you are using
    1. Cornym
      Author's Response
      This ChatPlugin only supports the Placeholders [PLAYER] and [MSG].
      Placeholders from other plugins are not supported.
      Sorry :(
  3. IzMikePlaysTv
    Version: v1.6
    My Server is runnin 1.8.8 version spigot you plugins is not instaling help me how to fix ? :3 look look
    1. Cornym
      Author's Response
      You have to install Java 8 !
      Most hosted servers have only Java 7 !
      If it doesn't work, please don't write it in the reviews
  4. KhoaHoangVN
    Version: v1.3
    You've change to pro? Awesome! You will add the "/msg private <Player>" in 1.4, okay.... I hope for new features! I have nothing to say! :) Thank you for your plugin! (Anyway, you're udate this plugin so fast, I cannot update my current version faster than that. Keep slow a bit! I'm waiting!)
    1. Cornym
      Author's Response
      Ok.. A last update before christmas :D Your idea will come in 1.5. Also I will develope new plugins, so updates wont coming so fast.
      Thanks for your nice support :)
  5. KhoaHoangVN
    Version: v1.2
    Like I said, you've just add another updates very fast! But... private messages still needs some updates. Can you add command that switch to private msg mode, too? Likely: "/msg private <Player>" to switch in 1.3? I'm hearing from you! :)
    1. Cornym
      Author's Response
      Yes, you mean that players can write in the chat normally and only one player can read it?

      Yes ... I can add this, too.
      It will coming in v1.4.

      Thanks again for the review ;D
  6. KhoaHoangVN
    Version: 1.0
    Wow, good plugin. But I need some updates. Like: ChatManager manages chat so you must make it auto block illegal characters or cursing letters. Can you add it, too? Let me know asap.
    1. Cornym
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback :)
      I will add it in the next update.