ChatManager 1.1

It's simple plugin for manage the chat.

  1. Klaus
    It's a simple plugin for manage the chat with a lock and clear with no bugs.

    You lock a chat? you can write with permission "chatmanager.use".
    Your players make advertised with another server this plugin is solution you can clear the chat and lock it.
    Code (Text):
      Prefix: "&8[&e\u2756&8] "
      Lock: '&c<player> &elock the chat.'
      Un-Lock: '&c<player> &eunlock the chat.'
      Clear: '&c<player> &edelete the chat.'
      No-Swear: '&cPlease do not swear in chat!'
      - Dick
      - Pussy

    /chat clear - Clear the chat.
    /chat lock - Lock the chat.

    Permission is "chatmanger.use".
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  1. Kyuzon
    Version: 1.1
    Really simple, I like that. But the reason why I only gave a four star is because there isn't much you know? There are maybe a few better plugins than this, but at least you did something. I would suggest adding more features that other chatmanager plugins have. Maybe placeholders, i don't know. but nice plugin.
    1. Klaus
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
  2. min3craft308
    Version: 1.0
    Like the plugin does exactly what it says!
    just would prefer if there was a config to change the messages
    1. Klaus
      Author's Response
      Yes added message in configuration file, Thanks for 5 stars