ChatManager 1.0.7

Manage you chat easily - Over 10 different useful features!

  1. LielAmar
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    ChatManager is a Core plugin for your server.
    It supports 1.8 - 1.12.

    1. Download ChatManager
    2. Drop it in your plugins folder
    3. Restart the server
    4. Enjoy!

    * If you got any errors/problems, please shut down your sever, delete the file: config.yml and start up the server again =]

    - Fully changeable config.
    - Locking Chat & Allowing other players to talk in the chat
    - Chat colors
    - StaffChat
    - ClearChat
    - Temporary Prefixes
    - Broadcast
    - Change chat format
    - Change Join/Quit messages
    - Chat & Command logs
    - Chat Delay
    - Global & Local chats

    Code (Text):

    #ChatManager plugin made by ScoRpyoN/Liel
    #If you find any bugs, please contact me at my TeamSpeak3 Server:
    #My hub server:

    #<player> = Command sender.
    #<target> = Command target.
    #<message> = Message
    #<playerdisplayname> = The player's exact name.

    #Change the commands prefix
    Prefix: '&8[&BChatManager&8] '

    #Change the reload message
    ReloadMessage: '&cConfig has been reloaded!'

    #Change the null player message
    NullPlayer: '&c<target> couldn''t be found!'

    #Change the No Permissions message:
    NoPerms: '&4You don''t have enough permissions to do that!'

    #Usage for the LockChat command
    LockChat-Usage: '&cUsage: /ChatManager lockchat [Lock/Unlock/Allow]'

    #Change the message that will be sent if the chat is already locked
    Chat-Already-Locked: '&cThe chat is already locked!'

    #Change the message that will be sent if the chat is not locked
    Chat-Already-Not-Locked: '&cThe chat is not locked!'

    #Change the message that will be sent to all players when locking chat
    Chat-Lock: '&6The chat has been locked by <player>!'

    #Change the message that will be sent to all players when unlocking chat
    UnlockChat: '&6The chat has been unlocked by <player>!'

    #Change the message that will be sent to a player with no permissions to the chat
    Chat-Lock-No-Perms: '&cYou can''t talk while chat is locked!'

    #Change the message that will be sent to the sender if no player specified
    Chat-Allow-Usage: '&cUsage: /ChatManager lockchat allow [Player] [On/Off]'

    #Change the message that will be sent if the player specified cannot be found
    No-Target-Found: '&c<target> cannot be found!'

    #Change the message that will be sent if the player specefied can talk in the chat
    Alreay-Can-Talk: '&c<target> already has access to the chat!'

    #Change the messages that will be sent while giving chat access:
    Give-Player-Chat-Access: '&cYou gave <target> access to the chat!'
    Got-Chat-Access: '&cYou got chat access by <player>!'

    #Change the message that will be sent if the player specified cant talk in the chat
    Already-Cant-Talk: '&c<target> doesn''t has access to the chat!'

    #Change the messages that will be sent while removing chat access:
    Remove-Player-Chat-Access: '&cYou removed <target> access to the chat!'
    Remove-Chat-Access: '&cYour chat access has been removed by <player>!'

    #The chat is not locked message
    ChatIsNotLocked: '&cThe chat is not locked!'

    #Staff Chat prefix
    SCPrefix: '&8[&BStaffChat&8] '

    #Staff Chat format
    SCFormat: '&b<player>: <message>'

    #Staff Chat Usage
    StaffChatUsage: '&cUsage: /StaffChat [Message]'

    #Clear Chat message
    Chat-Clear: '&aThe chat has been cleared by <player>!'

    #Enable TAB prefix?
    TabPrefix: true

    #The prefix usage:
    PrefixUsage: '&cUsage: /Prefix [Prefix (1-2 words)]'

    #Message Color
    EnableMessageColor: true
    MessageFormat: '<playerdisplayname>&7: <message>'

    #Broadcast Usage
    BroadcastUsage: '&cUsage: /Broadcast [Message]'
    BroadcastFormat: '&7[&CBC&7] &a<message>'

    #Join & Quit messages
    EnableCustomJoinMessage: true
    JoinMessage: '<playerdisplayname> &ehas joined the server!'
    EnableCustomQuitMessage: true
    QuitMessage: '<playerdisplayname> &ehas left the server!'

    EnableChatLogs: true
    EnableCommandLogs: true

    #Chat Delay / The delay is in seconds! *After spamming 3(MaxSpams) times, the player will get kicked if ChatSpamKick is enabled!
    ChatDelayMessage: '&cHey! Please slow down a bit!'
    ChatDelay: 0.5
    ChatSpamKick: true

    #Local & Global chat settings:
    LocalFormat: '&7[&BL&7] <playerdisplayname>&7: <message>'
    LocalRadius: 10
    GlobalFormat: '&7[&BG&7] <playerdisplayname>&7: <message>'

    LocalSet: '&cYou are now in local chat!'
    AlreadyLocalSet: '&cYou are already in local chat!'

    GlobalSet: '&cYou are now in global chat!'
    AlreadyGlobalSet: '&cYou are already in global chat!'

    AutoGlobalWhenJoin: true

    #Private Messages
    msgUsage: '&cUsage: /msg [Player] [Message]'
    msgToSelf: '&cYou can''t send a private message to yourself'

    msgPlayerFormat: '&a<player> &6> &c<target>&6: <message>'
    msgTargetFormat: '&a<player> &6> &c<target>&6: <message>'

    NoReply: '&cYou don''t have anyone to reply'

    - Fuck
    - Shit

    #The message that will be sent to a player who's swearing:
    dontSwear: '&cHey! Please talk nicely.'


    - ChatManager: Main command. View all CM commands.
    - ChatManager Reload: Reload the config.
    - ChatManager Llockchat: All the locking chat system.
    - StaffChat: Talk in the staffchat.
    - ChatManager CC: Clears the chat.
    - Prefix: Set your prefix easily!
    - BroadCast: Broadcast a message to all players.
    - Local: Enable local chat - Only players in x radius will receive the message.
    - Global: Enable global chat - All players will receivethe message.
    - msg: Send a private message
    - reply: Reply to the last person who sent you a private message.

    - chatmanager.commands.list: Gives access to the /ChatManager commands list.
    - chatmanager.commands.reload: Gives access to the reload command.
    - chatmanager.commands.lockchat.lock: Gives access to lock the chat.
    - chatmanager.commands.lockchat.unlock: Gives access to unlock the chat.
    - chatmanager.commands.lockchat.bypass: Bypass the chatlocking
    - chatmanager.commands.clearchat: Gives access to the /CC command.
    - chatmanager.commands.prefix: Gives access to the /prefix command.
    - chatmanager.commands.broadcast: Gives access to /broadcast.
    - chatmanager.commands.local: Gives access to the local chat
    - Gives access to the global chat.
    - chatmanager.commands.msg: Gives access to the msg command.
    - chatmanager.commands.reply: Gives access to the /reply command.
    - chatmanager.chatdelay.bypass: Gives access to bypass the chat delay.
    - chatmanager.chatcolor: Gives access to use the chat colors.
    - chatmanager.swear.bypass: Gives access to bypass the AntiSwear.



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Recent Updates

  1. AntiSwear
  2. Fixed config.yml
  3. Private Messages

Recent Reviews

  1. Wrathverse
    Version: 1.0.7
    Works with 1.12.2, tested on a locally hosted server. Both Local and Global chats works, however it does not display a full command list in game.
  2. vin
    Version: 1.0.4
    I'll put 5 stars.Need more functions.1 make a local and global chat.2 protection from advertising and spam.3 Edit the prefix in the configuration.4 to make a separate connection message for groups.
    I think you'll all realize
    1. LielAmar
      Author's Response
      Added global & local chats :)