ChatManager 2.3.8

Manage your Chat very simple!

  1. Update 2.3.8 MSG-Command togglable

    In this Little update I mad the MSG-Command togglable

    + | Added togglable MSG-Command
  2. Version 2.3.7

    The TeamChat function is now as an addon available!
    That means that this Plugin does not include a TeamChat function anymore!
    To download the Addon | CLICK HERE
  3. Version 2.3.6

    Added a new feature that allows to fix a command!

    For example:
    You type 7help , the new feature allows you to fix it to /help

    Hope you enjoy
  4. Version 2.3.5

    This update removes errors in the Mute command.
    In addition, a new command has been added!
    /mutelist [Permission: chatmanager.mutelist] - Shows up a list with all muted players!

    Now you always get notified, if an update has been released
  5. version 2.3.4

    Today's update fixes an error in the MSG command!
    And a new command has been added:
    /broadcast <message> - chatmanager.broadcast
    With this command you can write a message to all players on your server!
    The prefix can be changed in the config.yml.

    And the changes on the /teamchat Command were removed, so the teamchat works as well as before!
    Hope you enjoy the update!
  6. New Feature

    With today's update a new command was added!
    /msg <Player> <Message> - let you write a private message to your friend!
    But Attention players with the permission chatmanager.spymsg could read your messages!
  7. New Update!

    With this update you can use the new Staffchat (german: teamchat)
    The Command for this is: /teamchat or /tc (Permission: chatmanager.teamchat

    You can disable the alias /tc in next Version!
  8. BugFixes

    SORRY!!! That should not have happened!!!
    There were a few bugs which are fixed now!
  9. Version 2.3.0 Update! 10/22/2017

    ------ New Features ------
    • Prefix-System hinzugefügt!
    • Prefixes in Config einstellbar!
    ------ New Permissions ------
    • chatmanager.rang.owner
    • chatmanager.rang.admin
    • chatmanager.rang.srmod
    • chatmanager.rang.mod
    • chatmanager.rang.sup
    • chatmanager.rang.builder
    • chatmanager.rang.youtuber...
  10. Version 1.4.2 Update! 10/06/2017

    -------- New Features --------
    • LizenzSystem (Wenn eine neue Version raus gekommen ist, muss die neue Version runtergeladen werden. Ansonsten funktioniert das Plugin nicht mehr)
    -------- New Permissions --------