ChatManager 0.1.0

Easily manage your servers chat.

  1. mouseymars
    A simple plugin to help you manage your Minecraft servers chat!

    • Cross-server chat on Lilypad MC
    • BungeeCord support
    • Manage what formatting players can put in chat
    • Control if chat is abled for the whole server, or for every individual player
    • Range mode to allow you to limit chat to a range around any player
    • Chat channels coming soon
    • Restricted mode that allows only those with permission to talk
    1. Move ChatManager.jar into the /plugins folder
    2. Restart Spigot
    3. (Optional) Stop Spigot and edit the /plugins/nameplates/config.yml file
    Commands and Permissions
    • permission to speak
    • speak even if chat is in restricted
    • talk outside of the range restrictions chatmanager.ranged.override
    • use colours in chat (&1-9a-f)
    • use formatting in chat (&l, &l, &m, &n, &o, &r)
    • use magic (&k) in chat
    /cm [show|hide]
    toggle if they see the chat or not

    /cm dingtoggle
    if they hear a sound when their mentioned

    /cm mode [enabled|disabled|restricted]
    Allows a player to change the chats mode
    please note that the two permission nodes below must be used in conjunction with this

    /cm mode [enabled|disabled]
    Enable or disable the whole

    /cm mode restricted
    Put chat into restricted mode so that only those with permission can speak

    /cm reload
    Reloads the plugins configurations chatmanager.reload

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Recent Updates

  1. Added bungeecord support

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