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ChatManager 1.2

A simple plugin that will help your chat management

  1. Marck_Feet
    A nice plugin that helps you to manage your server chat!


      • Chatclear, with a command you will clear all the chat
      • Staff Chat!! So you can talk with your staff members in a more private way
      • Chatlock, with a command you will lock the chat, and players wont be able to write (OP's will be able)
      • More features added soon!
    1. Move ChatManager.jar into the "plugins" folder.
    2. Restart or reload your server.

    Commands and Permissions
    • /chatm (show help and info of the plugin) perm: chatm.help
    • /clearchat (clears the chat) perm: chatm.clear
    • /lockchat (locks the chat) perm: chatm.lock
    • /sc (StaffChat mode) perm: chatm.staff, chatm.staffchat

    -> I am willing to receive constructive criticism requests or recommendations

    Test server/s;
    ip: starwerty.net

Recent Updates

  1. Code rewritten, now less resources consumed

Recent Reviews

  1. EnzoCARP
    Version: 1.0.1
    a brilliant plugin!! ;)
    1. Marck_Feet
      Author's Response
      Thank you!