ChatMention 1.1

Adds mentions in Minecraft chat, just like in Twitch chat for example.

  1. MrGussio
    What is ChatMention?
    ChatMention is a lightweight, not complicated but useful plugin in busy servers. It wil automatically highlight the message with you tagged in it.

    If your name is Notch for example, it will do the following:

    <ILoveCookies> Hey, @Notch, are you coming back to Mojang?

    It will only highlight persons who tag you, so other people who aren't Notch in this example won't see the red part. It will even give the tagged player a little pling notfication that they got tagged, so it's easier to communicate on servers.

    To-Do List
    • Make Mention color customizable
    • Set your own tag-character (something different than @)
    • Fully cutstomizable mention sound.
    Known Issues
    • Currently, it will not check the chatcolor what it was originally. It's currently white since that's the default Minecraft chat color, we are going to do this automatically for you in the future.
    Got any ideas I could implement?
    Make sure to leave them in the comments, I will read all of them!

    Made with <3 by a geek from the Netherlands.
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Recent Updates

  1. Bugs Fixed
  2. Customize everything!
  3. Added Plings

Recent Reviews

  1. AdminGamer101
    Version: 1.1
    This is a great Plugin. I love it a lot. It helps with my faction server because when someone gets raided, they know immediately :D You should make more Plugins. But also, you should add a sound so you get notified when you get tagged :P
  2. NavoukSky
    Version: 0.1
    ChatMention is a useful plugin for thoughs who miss chat messages directly to you because thoughs chats are damn to fast. Well this plugin will assist you in that matter.

    This is a very nice plugin.
    I have a feature that could be a nice addition - Maybe adding a sound when you have been mentioned so if a player is AFK browsing they will get a sound that a player calls them.

    9/10 :)
    1. MrGussio
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback!
      Nice idea with a kind of "pling", going to add this next update, including a fully customizable configuration file.