ChatMentions (1.9+) 1.1.3-rel

Receive customized notifications when you're mentioned in chat!

  1. _diam
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    This plugin is currently being rewritten. Expect frequent updates and changes


    Minecraft 1.9 - 1.12

    Thank you for 100 downloads on my first plugin release! Make sure to leave a like and a review if you want to see more!

    ChatMentions is a very light-weight plugin that allows players to receive customized notifications when mentioned in chat!
    Notifications can be customized from a configuration file that comes with the plugin.
    The configuration file (config.yml) contains a step-by-step walkthrough and list of each message and sound that you can customize!
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    Amazing Features
    This plugin is jam-packed with amazing features for the entertainment of you and your players. Almost every feature can be fully customized in the configuration file. Those features include:
    • Custom notification sound for players when mentioned,
    • Custom notification message when a player is mentioned,
    • Enable or disable plugin join messages,
    • Enable or disable mention notification sound,
    • Enable or disable mention notification messages,
    • Toggle sounds, messages, or both from in-game,
    • Allow players to toggle notifications on/off,
    • In-game command to force-disable the plugin.

    Configuration & Permissions
    Most of the features in this plugin can be fully customized. Information about the permission nodes and configuration file can be found below!

    chatmentions.admin - Allows access to the ChatMentions command.
    chatmentions.toggle - Allows users to toggle chat mention notifications (sound, message, or all).
    chatmentions.disable - Allows users to disable the plugin without stopping the server.


    • LEVEL_UP
    • TNT
    • ARROW_HIT (default)
    # CHATMENTIONS (1.9+) #
    # #
    # ChatMentions version 1.1.3-rel by _diam #
    # Configuration File #

    # All toggles need to have either 'true' or 'false' values.
    # The plugin will NOT WORK if they have anything else!

    join-message: true
    message: true
    sound: true

    # Sounds can be found on the plugin's development page:
    mentioned-sound: ARROW_HIT

    # Colors work! Use the '&' symbol and a color code!
    # Use the variable %mentioner% for the mentioner's name.
    mentioned-message: "&3%mentioner% &bmentioned you in a message!"

    By downloading, using, or owning a copy of this plugin, you agree to the below terms.
    I. This is a protected work and may not be distributed, modified, copied, or altered in any form without explicit permission from the author.
    II. This work may not be sold or traded for monetary value of any kind.

    III. Modification of this work is strictly disallowed, and may result in legal action being taken. Please request a custom copy instead.
    IV. Concerns about this plugin go directly to the plugin's development page for the author to address. You will not spam the author.
    V. The user is responsible for damages that may be caused to property and/or data. This plugin's author is not responsible for any damage(s).
    VI. The plugin's author reserves all rights to this plugin, including the right to request that you return your copy of it to them.
    VII. Removals, additions, and other minor/major edits may be made to this plugin without prior warning to it's users.

    Manual Download: If the download is of an older version, or is not working, download the latest stable version here: unavailable
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Recent Updates

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  2. [RELEASE] Official Plugin Release
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Recent Reviews

  1. HotDoctor
    Version: Release 1.28
    good plugin, apparently already good plugin, Apparently Already have The Idea of how to do it, I hope better updates, good luck! // Else, Please, do not do mass updates, or Repeated all the time, do everything in one update. Thank youienes the idea of how to do it, I hope better updates, good luck! // Else, please, do not do mass updates, or repeated all the time, do everything in one update. Thank you.
    1. _diam
      Author's Response
      Thank you for reviewing the newest version of the plugin! Good to know that it works well.

      Also, I appreciate the feedback, I will try to group updates in the future.
  2. _Lego_
    Version: 1.9+

    This plugin works perfectly, love the style and everything.

    Can't wait to see more plugins from you.

    Very good job. :)
    1. _diam
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much, I'm glad that you like it! :)
  3. Ring
    Version: 1.9+
    It work just how it should. Very good job at it, I agree with you below, that was a terrible review, you should report it.
    1. _diam
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much for the review, if you want to see any changes to the plugin, feel free to comment again! :)