ChatMentions (1.9+) 1.1.3-rel

Receive customized notifications when you're mentioned in chat!

  1. Major rewrite

    Started on a rewrite to optimize the plugin. Make it more light-weight, efficient, and fix all of the bugs that were in previous versions.

    - Removed toggle availability until next rewrite update (temporary).
    - Redid the configuration file for easier use and modification.
    - Added easier support from in-game and through the console.
    - Fixed multiple bugs.
    - Added support for all Minecraft 1.9 - 1.12.2 sound effects.
    - Errors will now show in the console, and not in-game as they used...
  2. [RELEASE] Official Plugin Release

    Problems Solved:
    - Fixed in-game notification toggles (excluding 'all').
    - Fixed chat formatting and console messages.
    - Fixed sounds in config not being read by plugin.
    - Fixed configuration file not loading on plugin enable.

    New Features:
    - Added /chatmentions report command.
    - Added title and bottom bars to plugin messages.
    - Added outline for...
  3. Major bug fixes

    New Features:
    - Added chat formatting for console messages.

    Updated Features:
    - Optimized toggle settings for 'messages' and 'sounds'.
    - Optimized configuration file guide messages.
    - Changed colors and formatting for messages.

    Known Issues:...
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