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Here to gobble up all of your unwanted chat

  1. burntapples
    Tired of seeing spam, advertisements, or derogatory words in game? ChatMonster is here to help. ChatMonster offers a variety of features including:

    • Completely disable all features with one option
    • Configure all options in game
    • Auto updating (configurable true/false under the auto-update option. Pretty much explains itself)
    • Issue warnings in game
    • Advertisements:
      • Replace advertisements with your own custom IP or domain (books, signs, and chat)
      • Parse all symbols in messages if people are bypassing the filter (applies to the censor filter as well)
      • Deter a player from bypassing by showing him/her their unedited message, while hiding it from the rest of the server
    • Censor
      • Block any amount of words you'd like
      • Option to give warnings upon word censorship
      • Censor signs, books, and chat
      • Custom warning limit
      • Custom punishments when a player reaches the warning limit (first offense AND second offense)
      • Option to remove or replace censored words with custom text
    • Spam Eater
      • If a player shouts in caps the message will be turned into all lowercase (applies to messages with over 50% caps)
      • Players Who Capitalize The Beginning Of Every Word Can Also Be Set To Lowercase
      • If a player repeats the last message they said (up to 65% default similarity but configurable), it will be cancelled
      • Set duration to wait before chat isnt considered spam
      • Warning system with a custom limit
    • Custom punishments

      Updates contain important bug fixes! Please only download the latest version of ChatMonster
      Want your language supported? I'm looking for fluent speakers of any language to translate for me. Pm me and I'll send you the new language file!

      - Add suggested features

      Please feel free to suggest any features you would like to see in the comment section!
      If you find a problem with ChatMonster, please fill out a ticket or post the error on and send me the link.

      Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. RoboMWM
    Version: ChatMonster v1.7
    Works great except the warnings appear to not be functioning at all. I also get an error passing "async chat event" when a player spams quickly, probably because the plugin attempts to record the last chat message in a config file all the time (I do not use the "spameater" function of this plugin, as it is handled by another one).