ChatNotifications 1.0.0

Receive notifications in Chat.

  1. CreeperAnatomy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    ChatNotifications is a plugin designed and developed for Bukkit servers in order to provide players with a way to be notified when something interesting happens in the chat of your Minecraft server. Want to keep players active and interested? This plugin is for you.

    The main function of ChatNotifications is to of course, notify players when some interesting happens in the server chat. The current features of ChatNotifications are:
    • Notify Players When They're Mentioned with @<name> in chat.
    Much more functionality will be added in the future - including Configuration and Extra Notification triggers!
    So, what are the commands? The commands for ChatNotifications are as follows:
    • /notify - turns notifications on/off for player with correct permission.
    The main permissions for ChatNotifications are as follows:
    • notifications.mention.use:
      Allows players to use ChatNotifications for mentions.
    • notifications.*:
      Allows players to use all ChatNotification commands & features.
    Any further questions or inquires about ChatNotifications? Start a discussion! I'll make sure to contact you :).
    Want the source code? Follow the link to the gitlab website.
    Any bugs? Contact me about them before posting a negative review!