ChatPhrases 1.1.0

A simple plugin that allows developers and server owners to standardise common phrases.

  1. TehGuy
    ChatPhrases currently requires Bukkit/Spigot version 1.7.2 or later.

    ChatPhrases is a very simple plugin. Instead of developers having to make sure they use the correct formatting and wording every time they write something that is sent to chat, it gives them(the developers) the ability to define phrases to use throughout their plugins. This allows for easy reuse of commonly used phrases.

    But it also gives server owners the ability to specify their own phrases, which can be used by plugins. By simply specifying a phrase in the config.yml file, they can make some of the more commonly used phrases the same, no matter what plugin is being used at the time, as long as it has support for ChatPhrases.

    Support documentation(including installation instructions) can be found on the ChatPhrases Wiki.
    • Ability for developers to use this plugin to standardise common phrases.
    • Ability for server owners to edit phrases used by plugins.

    Development Documentation:
    Development documentation can be found on the ChatPhrases wiki on github.

    To request a feature, please post in the resource discussion. If you experience any issues, please check the wiki before requesting support in the resource discussion

Recent Reviews

  1. SebliYT
    Version: 1.1.0
    Nice Plugin, funktioniert echt super und bis jetzt ist noch kein fehler aufgetreten. Gute Arbeit !!!