ChatPhrases 1.1.0

A simple plugin that allows developers and server owners to standardise common phrases.

  1. ChatPhrases Version 1.1.0

    I am very happy to today release ChatPhrases 1.1.0! This release builds on our first release, 1.0.0. We believe ChatPhrases is now stable enough to be used on production servers. Although we do not request you to update, we do recommend you update to take advantage of the new features available in 1.1.

    New Features
    ChatPhrases 1.1.0 introduces a number of new features.
    Deprecated Methods
    Version 1.1 will deprecate the following methods:
    • getLocalPhrase(phrase_id) Please use getLocalPhrase(phrase_id, map_of_variables)
    • getPhrase(phrase_id, backup_phrase_id) Please use getPhrase(phrase_id, backup_phrase_id, map_of_variables)
    These methods will be removed in an update in the near future!

    Support for usage of %b to split phrase_id and phrase_content in the config.yml file will be dropped in 1.1! Anyone still using this syntax will experience errors when using version 1.1, please use %b% instead.

    Installation and Upgrade Instructions

    Full details for how to install and upgrade ChatPhrases can be found on the ChatPhrases Wiki.
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