ChatPhrases 1.1.0

A simple plugin that allows developers and server owners to standardise common phrases.

  1. ChatPhrases Version 1.1.0

    I am very happy to today release ChatPhrases 1.1.0! This release builds on our first release, 1.0.0. We believe ChatPhrases is now stable enough to be used on production servers. Although we do not request you to update, we do recommend you update to take advantage of the new features available in 1.1.

    New Features
    ChatPhrases 1.1.0 introduces a number of new features.
  2. Added support for %b% usage instead of %b in config.yml

    Config.yml now supports the use of %b% in place of %b to split phrase id's and phrase values. It is recommend that you update and change your plugins to suit this change, support for %b usage will be dropped in the next second point update(x.X.x).
  3. ChatPhrases now stable

    ChatPhrases is now stable and ready for an official release! All documentation can be found on the ChatPhrases Wiki, if you need any help or support, consult the documentation before requesting help on the resource discussion.

    If you find any bugs or issues, please post them in the resource discussion.
  4. Fixed a number of issues that prevents global phrases from working.

    A number of issues with arrays and using the wrong list caused global phrases to not work. This issue should be fixed.

    If you find any bugs or issues, please report them in the resource discussion.
  5. Added support for global phrases

    Support has been added for global phrases.

    These are specified in the config.yml file. The phrase id and phrase content are separated by using %b. For better documentation, see the ChatPhrases Wiki.

    If you find any issues, please remember to post in the resource discussion.
  6. Changed the way getPhrase() works

    Changed the way getPhrase() works. The method now requires two arguments; the phrase id of the global phrase to be searched for, then a backup phrase id in the case that the global phrase could not be found. It is recommend that you prefix any local phrases, to prevent them from being confused with phrases from other ChatPhrases plugins.

    If you find any bugs or issues, please report them in the resource discussion.