ChatPing 2.0

See when your username is mentioned in chat!

  1. The Big Fix Update

    • /chatping command aliases: chat, cp
    • Errors are no longer thrown when entering invalid sounds or colors
    • Changed from ChatColor names to color codes
    • Updated permissions:
      • - unchanged
      • chatping.admin - allows use of the /chatping command
  2. The typo fix update

    Fixed two typos in the code that caused issues with the new reload command as well as /chatping toggle message.

    • /chatping version (returns the version of ChatPing your server is running)
  3. A fairly large update

    • I finally got highlighting to work correctly. Now only the player who is mentioned receives a message with their name colored.
    • Two new commands: /chatping toggle message (toggles whether or not to send a notification message to a user mentioned in chat) and /chatping reload (reloads the config file)
  4. Less invasive to public chat update

    I am working on having the name be colored in chat for the user it matches, but for now I have done this workaround: the name remains unchanged in public chat, but the user is sent a message stating who mentioned you and what their message was.
  5. Config update

    • Added a better config file!
    • Added /chatping toggle command - Use it to toggle color and sound! Uses the same chatping.config permission node.