ChatPoll 2.0

A simple plugin to poll your online players!

  1. spoochiee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    I have created this plugin to perform a simple, yet very important task. Recieve opinions from your players! In order to have a successful server, you have to listen to your player base. This plugin gives you a simple means of doing that.

    You can create a poll of two options, the players will be told these two options and can then open a GUI to vote on either. The admins can see the results and make a decision accordingly. The poll can then be reset so another one can be made. Nothing more nothing less.

    There are commands and permissions for each of these stages as described below!

    - /pollcreate <option1> <option2>
    - Aliases: /pc <option1> <option2>
    - This command creates a poll of the two arguments specified, it will broadcast to all players that a poll has been made and what the two options are.

    - /pollvote
    - Aliases: /pv
    - This command opens a GUI that has the two options for the player to vote on.

    - /pollresults
    - Aliases: /pr
    - This opens a GUI displaying the number of votes for both options

    - /pollfinish
    - Aliases: /pf
    - This resets the poll, you can then use
    /pollcreate <option1> <option2> again to create another poll
    - ChatPoll.*
    - This permission gives that player or group access to every command, so can create, vote, reset and view the results of a poll
    - ChatPoll.create
    - This permission gives the player access the /pollcreate command only
    - This permission allows a player or group to vote on a poll, using the command /pollvote
    - ChatPoll.results
    - This permission allows the player or group to view the resultsGUI of the current poll, using /pollresults
    - ChatPoll.finish
    - This permission allows the player to finish and reset the current poll, using the command /pollfinish

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