ChatPreventionPlus 1.0.1

ChatPreventionPlus is a continuation of the original plugin called, ChatPrevention.

  1. ConfigurationGuy

    Hello, and welcome to the continuation of the original plugin called ChatPrevention! Which no longer being updated/produced since it was a huge failure, but! This much more updated version of ChatPrevention is much more better than the older ChatPrevention! and thats why I called it ChatPreventionPlus! anyways! I will teach you how to download this plugin, (or should I say, my new plugin) called ChatPreventionPlus!

    So, you maybe wondering, How do you download ChatPreventionPlus? Well! It is very simple! So, you see that little tiny button which is in the upper right corner of the page? Yeah, that one, click on it! and now if you clicked on it, something should pop up, It should say, "This type of file can harm your computer, are you sure you want to Keep it?" Click on the button which is on the Left to download it, Click the button on the right to not download it! If you clicked the button which was on the Left, then it should start downloading! A few seconds later, It should be ready to be placed in your plugins folder, but if it still says (39 seconds remaining) that means its not safe to drag it in your plugins folder, but if it doesn't say that, then it is safe to drag it in your plugins folder, now! Start your server and now you can start playing around with the plugin!

    Now, how to setup the config! So, if you downloaded it and you started up your server, go in your plugins folder and you should see a new folder called, "ChatPreventionPlus" so, if you see that then open it, if you have the plugin in the plugins folder and started up your server then it must installed uncorrectly, so, movng on, so if you went in the folder then you must see a Notepad which is called, "config.yml" and now, right click on the config.yml file and then click on Edit with Notepad++, but if you don't have Notepad++, then put your cursor over Open With, and then select Notepad, and then you should see something pop up if you selected Edit with Notepad++ or Notepad, now you should see something saying, "bannedwords:" so, click after the : and then hit enter 5 times and then hit space 2 times and then make a dash! and then hit space 1 time and then you can type in the word you want to make players from prevent saying that word!

    There are no permissions or commands currently.

    Version 1.0.0:
    - ChatPreventionPlus has just been announced!
    Version 1.0.1:
    - Soft depends on GroupManager and bPermissions now.


    ChatPreventionPlus by
    ConfigurationGuy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

    We now have a github! The link to our github is: Click on that link and it will take you there!

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