ChatRadius 2.6.1

Set a radius where players can receive messages from the sender

  1. tvhee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    tvhee, svenar, ImIllusion
    This plugin requires my API to work! Download here
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    1 year of ChatRadius!
    Plugin Summary:
    You can set a radius in a number of blocks. If a player sends a message to the players who are within less than <set radius> from the sender of the message will receive the message, the others won't.

    - You could customize the radius
    - BroadcastMode and SpyMode for your admins
    - Easy to set up

    Important information:
    - Reload the plugin with /cr reload if you change the config or anything in the menu!
    - Sometimes you see savespymode or savebroadcastmode in the config. DO NOT TOUCH!
    - If you want you can write a review but please don't talk about bugs in the review section, thanks!
    - If you get a "ClassNotFoundException" and you are not using the API, download it! Otherwise, it could be possible that the current API version has no support for the current version from this plugin, look in the version history from the API

    Ask me for:

    - Reporting bugs
    - Questions and feature requests
    - Plugin requests

    You can send me messages on Spigot or join my Discord server! (Click on Ask Questions / Get support ->)

    You have permission to use them for your own purposes, except with a similar Minecraft plugin(pages).


    Code (YAML):
    1 plugin:
    2   chatradius
    : 100
    3   prefix
    : '&e[ChatRadius] &r'
    4   update-check
    : true
    5   ##If set to false you will not longer get the messages "no update available" if you join the server
    6   no-update-available-message-on-join
    : false
    7 storage
    8   spy
    : true
    9   broadcast
    : true
    Code (YAML):
    1 messages:
    2   pluginmenu
    3     line1
    : '&3---------- &eChatRadius &3----------'
    4     line2
    : '&2Version &aV%version%'
    5     line3
    : '&aDo /cr help for a list of commands!'
    6     line4
    : '&2Plugin made by'
    7     line5
    : '&3------------------------------'
    8   helpmenu
    9       line1
    : '&3---------- &eChatRadius &3----------'
    10      line2
    : '&2/cr &aMain command'
    11      line3
    : '&2/cr help &aHelp menu'
    12      line4
    : '&2/cr menu &aOpen the menu'
    13      line5
    : '&2/cr update &aCheck for updates'
    14      line6
    : '&2/cr reload &aReload plugin'
    15      line7
    : '&3------------------------------'
    16  command
    17    not-found
    : '&4Error: &cCommand not found, do &e/cr help &cfor a list of commands!'
    18    no-player
    : '&4Error: &cYou aren''t a player!'
    19    no-player-found
    : '&4Error: &cCan''t find player &e%player%&c!'
    20    no-permission
    : '&4Error: &cYou don''t have permission to use this command!'
    21    no-number-used
    : '&4Error: &e%args% &cis not a number!'
    22    reload
    : '&aPlugin reloaded!'
    23  menu
    24    type-in
    25      new-radius
    : '&aType your new chatradius in the chat! &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    26      new-player-broadcast
    : '&aEnter the player name whose broadcastmode you want to change, &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    27      new-player-spy
    : '&aEnter the player name whose spymode you want to change, &cType "&4Exit&c" to cancel!'
    28    spymode
    29      ##You can use the placeholder %target% for the player who is now in spymode
    30      enabled
    : '&aPlayer &e%target% &ais now in spymode!'
    31      enabled-player
    : '&aYou are now in spy mode!'
    32      disabled-player
    : '&cYou are not longer in spy mode!'
    33      disabled
    : '&cPlayer &e%target% &cis not longer in spymode!'
    34    broadcastmode
    35      ##You can use the placeholder %target% for the player who is now in broadcastmode
    36      enabled
    : '&aPlayer &e%target% &ais now in broadcast mode!'
    37      enabled-player
    : '&aYou are now in broadcast mode!'
    38      disabled-player
    : '&cYou are not longer in broadcast mode!'
    39      disabled
    : '&cPlayer &e%target% &cis not longer in broadcast mode!'
    40    setradius
    : '&bThe chatradius is set to &6%setradius% &bblocks!'
    41  update
    42    deactivated
    : '&6Warning: &eUpdate checking is disabled!'
    43    not-available
    : '&aThere is no update available, you are on the latest version!'
    44    available
    : '&cThere is an update available! You are on version &e%version%&a, the newest version is &e%new-version%&a!'
    45    available_2
    : '&eDownload here:'

    Color Codes:
    - Color codes are used in messages
    - This plugin supports hex color codes (if the plugin is running on a 1.16 or higher server), click here for a Hex color code generator.
    - This plugin also supports the 'normal' & color codes

    Commands and Permissions:
    - /cr (Main command)
    - /cr help (Help menu)
    - /cr update (Check for updates)
    - /cr menu (Open the menu)

    - chatradius.reload -> /cr reload
    - chatradius.updates -> /cr update + noticed on join
    - -> acces the menu
    - chatradius.set -> menu (compass)
    - chatradius.spy -> menu (potion)
    - chatradius.broadcast -> menu (paper)

    Warning: If you want to let people change things in the menu you must give those people the permission

    WARNING: These videos are out of date!
    Language: DE, Version: 1.8
    Thanks, produktecheck!

    Language: NL / BE, Version: 2.1
    Thanks, TheBelgiumGames!

    - Special thanks to svenar! Made a version and taught me some coding! (V1.2 + V1.6)
    - Special thanks to ImIllusion for organizing code, request some features to make the plugin perfect, and helps a bit with the code! (V1.5)
    - Special thanks to produktecheck for making a video! (V1.8)
    Official partner:
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