ChatRadius 2.3

Set a radius where players can receive messages from the sender

  1. tvhee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    tvhee, svenar, ImIllusion, Produktecheck
    Languages Supported:
    Dutch, German

    Plugin Summary:
    You can set a radius in an amount of blocks. If an player sends a message the players who are within less than <set radius> from the sender of the message will receive the message, the others won't.

    - If you need help with setting up this plugin or setting up your Minecraft server, ask me! I can help you. First: join my Discord server.
    - Thank you for the support! We are over 100 downloads!

    Do you want your own (simple) customized plugin? Ask me on Discord, join my server to find my tag. Already made 7 and the customers are happy with it! I will do EVERYTHING for FREE!

    Language: DE, Version: 1.8
    Thanks produktecheck!

    Language: NL / BE, Version: 2.1
    Thanks TheBelgiumGames!

    Other Plugins:
    - CustomMOTD

    - Join here!
    - This is my first plugin! Report bugs pls via Discord!
    - Missing feature? Questions? Ask me in my Discord server!


    - Reload the plugin with /cr reload if you change the config!
    - If you want another language disable the internal language system! (config.yml)
    Code (YAML):
    5  language: other
    - Sometimes you see savespymode: or savebroadcastmode: in the config. DO NOT TOUCH!





    If you want one of these 3 languages just do /cr language <en|nl|de>.

    If you want another language just change the messages in the messages.yml and set this in the config.yml:

    Code (YAML):
    5  language: other
    Important!, because when you reload the plugin the messages.yml file will be overwritten to English!

    Code (YAML):
    11  cr-language: false
    (You can send me your translation if you want)

    You have permission to use them for your own purposes, except with simular Minecraft plugin(pages).


    Code (YAML):
    1 reset: false
    2 plugin
    3   chatradius
    : 100
    4   prefix
    : '&7[&eChatRadius&7] '
    5   language
    : en
    6 commands
    7   cr-help
    : true
    8   cr-radius
    : true
    9   cr-set
    : true
    10  cr-check
    : true
    11  cr-language
    : true
    12  cr-spy
    : true
    13  cr-broadcast
    : true
    14 storage
    15  spy
    : true
    16  broadcast
    : true

    1 Reset every setting to default (if is true), also do /cr reload
    3 The chatradius
    4 The plugin prefix (color codes explanation under!)
    5 You can change the language (en|nl|de|other)
    7 Command /cr help (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    8 Command /cr radius (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    9 Command /cr set (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    10 Command /cr check (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    11 Command /cr language (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    12 Command /cr spy (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    13 Command /cr broadcast (true = enabled, false = disabled)
    15 Here you can choose if you want to save the uuid's of players who are in spy mode after a restart or reload of your server.
    16 Here you can choose if you want to save the uuid's of players who are in broadcast mode after a restart or reload of your

    Code (YAML):
    1 messages:
    2   update-available
    : '&aThere is an new version available!'
    3   command
    4     not-enabeled
    : '&4Error: &cCommand is not enabeled in the config!'
    5     not-found
    : '&4Error: &cCommand not found, do &e/cr help &cfor a list of commands!'
    6     no-player-found
    : '&4Error: &cYou aren''t a player!'
    7     ##You can use the placeholder %player% for the playername
    8     no-player
    : '&4Error: &cCan''t find player &e%player%&c!'
    9     no-permission
    : '&4Error: &cYou don''t have permission to use this command!'
    10  commands
    11    spy
    12      self
    13        enabeled
    : '&aYou are now in spy mode!'
    14        disabeled
    : '&cYou are not longer in spy mode!'
    15      other
    16        ##You can use the placeholder %target% for the player who is now in spymode
    17        enabeled
    : '&aPlayer &e%target% &ais now in spymode!'
    18        disabeled
    : '&cPlayer &e%target% &cis not longer in spymode!'
    19    broadcast
    20      self
    21        enabeled
    : '&aYou are now in broadcast mode!'
    22        disabeled
    : '&cYou are not longer in broadcast mode!'
    23      other
    24        ##You can use the placeholder %target% for the player who is now in broadcastmode
    25        enabeled
    : '&aPlayer &e%target% &ais now in broadcast mode!'
    26        disabeled
    : '&cPlayer &e%target% &cis not longer in broadcast mode!'
    27    set
    28      ##You can use the placeholder %setradius% for the radius which is set by the player
    29      correct
    : '&bThe chatradius is currently &6%setradius% &bblocks!'
    30      wrong
    : '&4Error: &cUsage: /cr set <radius>!'
    31    language
    32      not-found
    : '&4Error: &cYou can use only en (English), nl (Dutch, Nederlands),
    33        de (Deutsch, German) or other!'
    34      no-language-specified
    : '&4Error: &cUsage: /cr language <language>!'
    35    ##You can use the placeholder %radius% for the set radius in the config
    36    radius
    : '&bThe chatradius is currently &6%radius% &bblocks!'
    37    reload
    38      default
    : '&aPlugin reloaded and set to default settings!'
    39      normal
    : '&aPlugin reloaded!'
    40    check
    41      #You can use the placeholder %permission% for the permission which you have or not
    42      permission-granted
    : '&aYou have the permission &e%permission%'
    43      permission-refused
    : '&cYou don''t have the permission &e%permission%'
    44    cr
    45      '1'
    : '&3---------- &eChatRadius &3----------'
    46      ##You can use the placeholder %version% for the plugin version
    47      '2'
    : '&2Version &aV%version%'
    48      '3'
    : '&aDo /cr help for a list of commands!'
    49      '4'
    : '&2Plugin made by'
    50      '5'
    : '&3------------------------------'
    51    help
    52      '1'
    : '&3---------- &eChatRadius &3----------'
    53      '2'
    : '&2/cr &aMain command'
    54      '3'
    : '&2/cr help &aHelp menu'
    55      '4'
    : '&2/cr radius &aSee the current chatradius'
    56      '5'
    : '&2/cr set &aChange the current chatradius'
    57      '6'
    : '&2/cr check &aCheck which permissions you have'
    58      '7'
    : '&2/cr language &aChange the language of the plugin (en|nl|de|other)'
    59      '8'
    : '&2/cr spy [player] &aGo in spy mode'
    60      '9'
    : '&2/cr broadcast [player] &aGo in broadcast mode'
    61      '10'
    : '&2/cr reload &aReload plugin'
    62      '11'
    : '&3------------------------------'
    63  config
    64      no-number
    : '&4Config Error: &cYou can only use a numer (line 3)!'
    65      empty
    : '&4Config Error: &cThe chatradius is empty, please fill in a number (line 3)!'
    66      language-error
    : '&4Config Error: &cYou can use only en, nl or de as language (line 5)!'
    67      ##You can use the placeholder %line% for the line where the error is
    68      no-true-false
    : '&4Config Error: &cYou can only use true or false (line %line%)!'
    If you have questions over this config file ask me!

    Color Codes:

    Before Minecraft version 1.16:


    Minecraft version 1.16 and higher:

    You can now use Hex color codes! (& codes can you also use)
    How it works: '#AA0000Text #FFAA00Text2' will be 'Text Text2'

    Click here for a Hex color code generator.

    - /cr (Main command)
    - /cr help (Help menu)
    - /cr radius (Check the set radius)
    - /cr set <radius> (Set the radius)
    - /cr check (Check which permissions you have)
    - /cr language <en|nl|de|other> (Change the language to nl (Dutch, Nederlands), en (English), de (German, Deutsch or other (disable the language system, handy if you want an custom language)
    - /cr spy [player] (Send this command for the second time to disabele, [player] will receive all messages from everyone!)
    - /cr broadcast [Player] (Send this command for the second time to disabele, [player] will send a message which everyone will receive!)

    - /cr reload (Reload plugin)

    When you have spy- and broadcast-mode on it is like normal chatting! (Handy for server administrators)

    - chatradius.updates -> You will be notified if there is an new version
    - chatradius.radius -> /cr radius
    - chatradius.set -> /cr set
    - chatradius.reload -> /cr reload
    - chatradius.language -> /cr language
    - chatradius.spy -> /cr spy (You can only set spy mode for yourself)
    - chatradius.spy.other -> /cr spy [Player] (You can set everyone to spy mode)

    - chatradius.broadcast -> /cr broadcast
    - chatradius.broadcast.other -> /cr broadcast [Player]

    1 Stop the server
    2 Put the chatradius.jar in your server/plugins folder
    3 Start the server

    No plugins folder? Use Spigot on your server! Click here

    Servers Using:
    - none, if you want your server here DM me (pls send me the ip, website and native MC version)!

    Other Information:
    - Pls report bugs via Discord not in the review section.
    - If you want you can write a review.
    - You can do (simple) plugin requests in my Discord server

    - Special thanks to svenar! Made a version and taught me some coding! (V1.2 + V1.6)
    - Special thanks to ImIllusion for organising code, request some features to make the plugin perfect and helps a bit with the code! (V1.5)
    - Special thanks to produktecheck for translating the plugin to German and make an video! (V1.8)
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