ChatReaction 1.8.0

Be the first to type/unscramble the word for rewards!

  1. 1.8.0 updated to work with 1.14


    This update fixes the nasty bugs that happen on 1.14 as well as add ssl support for the mysql connection.

    Not much to say aside from that. This version has been tested on the latest spigot and works fine.

    Config option to enable ssl:
  2. 1.7.1 Fixed OutOfBoundsException being thrown when scrambling words


    Fixed exception being thrown when scrambling words is enabled.
  3. 1.7.0 Updated dependencies to latest version


    Updated dependencies to latest available versions. Minor text fixes.
  4. 1.6.2 Fixed NumberFormatException when system locale is not US


    Fixed NumberFormatException being thrown when system locale is not english. This issue happened when ChatReaction attempted to parse the formatting "time" string back to a double.
  5. 1.6.1 minor bugfixes with new custom events, added ReactionFailEvent


    This update contains minor bugfixes to the new custom events that ChatReaction fires on reaction start / win / fail.

    There are also some new methods available in the win / fail events which allow plugins to disable the win / fail messages.

    These methods are utilized in the ChatReactionPlus add on which is being released to display reaction messages on the actionbar, add more complex reward system + more.
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  6. 1.6 Removed Fanciful to send tooltip based messages, Added API events on start and win


    Removed Fanciful and NMS packet sending methods which were used to display tooltips for the reaction / scramble start message.

    ChatReaction now utilizes the Spigot chat API to handle tooltip messages for the reaction / scramble start messages.

    If you are not running Spigot, tooltips will be disabled.

    Added new custom events which are fired when a reaction is started, also when a reaction is won:



  7. 1.5.2 Adjusted listener priority so plugins that modify chat messages do it after ChatReaction


    Adjusted listener priority so ChatReaction is compatible with plugins which modify chat messages and do things such as add a period at the end of your sentence.
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  8. 1.5.1 fixed error with commands being executed async, fix for player names not updating when changed


    This update should fix errors where win reward commands are executed async causing errors.

    Also a fix to ensure that player names are changed to the new name when a player changes his/her name.

    Changed version checking method to not check the actual server version. It will now check the NMS package version to ensure no problems where Spigot updates the version and breaks the plugin when there are no NMS changes....
  9. 1.5 Added 1.8.4 compatibility


    Added 1.8.4 compatibility for messages with tooltips
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  10. 1.4 Updated to Spigot 1.8.3


    Updated to Spigot 1.8.3.

    This update will disable tooltips for versions lower than 1.8.3 although the plugin should still be functional on 1.8.1 servers (just no tooltips)