ChatReactions | Fully Customizable | Solve, Type & Unscramble | Hex Codes Supported 1.13

Add chat games to your server for players to solve and win rewards for doing so!

  1. Update 1.10

    - Unscramble chat reaction
    - New "messages" in config

    New messages config
    Code (Text):
        prefix: "&b&lREACTION &8➜ "
        top_line: "&b&lREACTION"
        type: "&fType &b%question% &fto win a prize!"
        solve: "&fSolve &b%question% &fto win a prize!"
        unscramble: "&fUnscramble &b%question% &fto win a prize!"
        player_won: "&b%winner% &fwon in &b%time% &fseconds!"
        ran_out_of_time: "&fYou ran out of time! The answer was &b%answer%&f."
    New unscramble Chat reaction Example
    Code (Text):
        type: "Unscramble"
        question: "Enderman"
        answer: "Enderman"
    Unscramble idea by Ashley07#2966. Thank you <3
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