ChatRooms 2.3.0

Better private group chat

  1. Changed Hosting Location (Again, sorry)

    Decided to host the plugin on my own site rather than Dropbox, as I have stopped using Dropbox and took the plugin down from there. Future versions will be hosted on my own site.

    v3 is coming! stay tuned.
  2. Changed Hosting Location

    Hosted the plugin on Dropbox instead of MediaFire.
  3. Fixed bug with spying

    Fixed a bug where spying on a chatroom while in global chat would cause the chat to be seen globally and would cause errors in console.

    NOTE: I have temporarily hosted the plugin on MediaFire due to problems with the built-in resource uploading. Once I figure out how to fix that, I'll move it back to Spigot.
  4. Fixed more bugs, and actually fixed the last bug :P

    @zDrakon don't download the old one get this one, i screwed it up in the last update

    This update actually fixes the bug that 2.2.7 was supposed to fix, instead of just making it worse :p
    Also fixed more stuff, like making the last page of /cr help display properly and adding /cr version in /cr help.
  5. Fixed bug where users can join a chat room twice

    @zDrakon hopefully this fixes your problem.

    This update fixes a bug where if already in a chat room, you can /cr join that chat room again.
    Users, please note that I'm moving support to GitHub issues, as it's easier to organize. If there are any further problems or bugs with the plugin, please open an issue on GitHub. You can reach this page at
  6. Fixed chat room owners not being invited to their own chat rooms

    @zDrakon please tell me if this works
  7. Fixed users being banned from chatrooms automatically

    Also fixed:
    • Ops being notified of an update even if they have the latest version
    • No success message being sent upon deleting a chat room
    Hopefully this fixes your problem @zDrakon
  8. Added support for offline servers

    Fixed things in the code that made the plugin not work if the server couldn't reach Mojang player databases.
  9. Fixed more problems with plugin.yml

    Fixed permissions not working correctly in plugin.yml
  10. Fixed Problems with permissions in plugin.yml

    Fixed plugin.yml causing errors on startup.