ChatSlowPlus 1.0

A command where you can slow your chat down in seconds. CUSTOMIZABLE TIMES.

  1. KingDotCom
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin has the ability to slow chat down, there is a config involved, but all you need to do to change the config is with a command!

    There are two commands in this plugin.

    The first command is /chatslow <seconds>. You have to have the first argument, if you don't it will give you an error message in chat! That looks something like this:
    When you have too many arguments, the message will look like this:
    When you perform the command perfectly, like this /chatslow 15.0, it will show you this message:
    Oh, and one small thing so there was no errors I made it a double. So that means you **HAVE** to use a decimal. If you don't use a decimal, it won't save to the config, and it will give you this error message in chat:
    There are four main permissions to this plugin.
    • slow.* - Gives you permissions for the whole plugin.
    • slow.bypass - Gives you permission to bypass the cooldown.
    • slow.cooldown - Gives you the permission to execute the command /chatslow <seconds>
    • slow.slowchat - Gives you the ability to toggle the chat slow using the command /slowchat.
    The only requirement to run this plugin is to have Spigot 1.8.
    The config for this plugin will appear in the folder called "ChatSlowPlus" when you first load the plugin. The config will automatically update when you execute the command /chatslow <seconds>. The config looks something like this.
    Code (Text):
      cooldown: 15.0