ChatSniper 1.1

Save all chatlog history and data-mine it via a Chest GUI

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    ChatSniper is a tool to help you data-mine your server's entire chat history by customizing a search in a chest GUI. It records all commands and chat-messages, as well as provide an option for uploading your server's current chat-history.

    What You Can Customize In Your Searches
    • Time Frame - From any year To any second: - Very intuitive to configure in the GUI. The start time and end time values will always default to the current year and the current hour of the server's time zone.
    • Messages By Certain Players: - Specify messages from specific players to search for
    • UUID Support: - When searching for messages of certain players, have all messages shown by their UUID, regardless of name change. (uuid not recorded with msgs synced with .gz log files)
    • Organized Results: - Have search results ordered by time; either going forwards or backwards.
    • Limit Amount Of Results: - Cap the search results at a certain amount.
    • Search For Messages, Commands, Or Both
    • Have Search Results Displayed Either In Books, Or As Chat Messages
    • Look For Keywords In Your Search

    Youtube Video Big Thanks To @brainy_smurf:

    • /querydownload - will cycle through all of your server's .gz log files, and upload the Names/Messages and Times into the database (warning; may take upwards of a few hours if you have a lot of files - no lag; handled in separate thread)
    • /query - opens the Chest Graphical User Interface
    • /query <player name> - opens the Chest GUI, searching for a specific player
    • /query <player name | all> <keyword> - opens the Chest GUI, searching for a certain keyword (and specific player if specified)
    • /queryperms <add | remove> <player name> - gives permission to use /query and /queryperms commands to non-ops
    • /querybow - spawns in a bow that shows the last 5 messages sent of the person hit
    • /queryhelp provides a link to this page
    • /queryListen <true/false> Toggle whether messages are currently being recorded or not

    ops have full perms. To give perms to individuals, it's simply done with the /queryperms <add | remove> <player name> command; and the data is autonomously saved to a file.

    Configuration with Sqlite Is Automatic; Read For More Info Or how to use with MySQL:
    Everything is autonomous in creating the sqlite database in your local folder, then connecting to it For those who wish to use MySQL, a file is generated upon first loading the plugin, called "DatabaseLogin.txt" inside the folder "ChatSniperFiles"

    In that file, turn Sqlite to 'false', then fill out the rest of the fields
    Next time your server reloads, it will be linked to you MySQL db.

    Software Held Under Apache 2.0 license

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