ChatSQLDataReader 1.0

Use SQL field of a user from a SQL database to format chat

  1. ATE47
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    This plugin allow you to change chat with a simple pattern by adding SQL datas in them, a role/rank system can be used to set rank by a number of point (level for example)


    Code (Text):
    sql_username: root
    sql_password: 'mypassword'
    sql_table: mytable
    chatPattern: '&7(&e%_points%&7) &r%role%%name%&7: &f%text%'
    rolePointField: points
    - '50 &ctest '
    - '51 &atest2 '
    - '100 &4test3 '
    - points
    sql_username|password : (...)
    sql_url : link to your DBMS (with the database after)
    sql_table : where find information
    chatPattern : how change the chat
    %name% : Player name
    %displayname% : Player display name (if you use permission plugin for example)
    %playerlistname% : Player name in the TAB
    %world% : The world where the player is
    %text% : The text send by the player
    %_myField% : Your field in the table (must be added in fields list)
    rolePointField : The field where find the point of an user (write '' in order to disable this functionnality)
    roles : Roles by needed points with the pattern "[NeededPoint] [RoleDisplayText]"
    fields : The field to exact of the table

    Your table must contain a "uuid" field

    (if no information can be found for a user all fields will be fill with blanks)



    No permission needed