ChatSupport - MC 1.8 v1.2

Players-To-Administrators help messages plugin.

  1. HellOfSky

    ChatSupport - A simple plugin for players to send help messages to online admins.
    I wanted to make a little plugin for my server to give players the ability to send messages to all admins online, so that they notice these players and quickly get an admin to help them. There's also a command to disable this, if you don't want to help players in need as an Admin.

    /cshelp - Gives you a list of available commands.
    /csignore - Makes you stop receiving help messages. Use this command again if you wanna receive them again.
    /cslist - Displays a list of recorded support messages in the logs.
    /csclear - Clears the logs.

    Put @ before your message to send it to the admins.
    As an admin, put # before your message to send a global message to everyone.

    chatsupport.receive - Lets you receive help messages, and use the /csignore command. - Lets you send global messages using the # symbol instead of the @ symbol to all online players.
    chatsupport.logs.* - Lets you manipulate the logs.
    chatsupport.logs.list - Lets you use /cslist and see how many help messages are saved in the logs.
    chatsupport.logs.clear - Lets you use /csclear and clear the logs.

    Very complicated. Just put the plugin inside of your plugins folder.

    Good way to support me :rolleyes:

    or simply rate and put in suggestions!;)

Recent Reviews

  1. val
    Version: v1.2
    It's a very good plugin, it works very well!
    But I think you could improve a little more options of this plugins or add:)
    1. HellOfSky
      Author's Response
      Thanks man! I'll do!