ChatTest 1.0.1

Easily test how messages will look in chat.

  1. TehBrian
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    > ChatTest <
    Tired of fiddling with tellraw or trying to modify a bloated plugin to display a message as-is just to test how your messages looks in chat? End your suffering, look no further! A simple, effective plugin that does exactly what you need and no more.​
    > Commands <
    /ct <message> - Send a message to yourself.
    /cta <message> - Send a message to all players.
    /ctc - Toggle personal color code translation.
    /ctr - Reload the config.
    > Permissions <
    chattest.ct - Permission to use /ct.
    chattest.cta - Permission to use /cta.
    chattest.ctc - Permission to use /ctc.
    chattest-ctr - Permission to use /ctr.
    > Config <
    Code (YAML):

    # = ChatTest
    # > Made with love by TehBrian. Please leave a review! \<^-^ >/
    # - Spigot Page:
    # >
    # - Suggestions or Support:
    # >
    # - Source Code:
    # >

    # Set to either true or false.
    : true

    : "&ePersonal &dcolor &ccode &btranslation &aenabled."
    : "&7Personal color code translation disabled."
    : "&aSuccessfully &creloaded &dthe &bconfig!"

    > Fin <
    This tiny plugin was made due to my frustrations when configuring plugins and trying to get the messages juust right. No more edit config, reload, check chat, edit config, blah blah blah over and over till insanity, this little piece of software solves that little problem. You can also use it for general purpose message broadcasting too! Hope you enjoy!

    If you have any suggestions, need help with anything, or if there's something that needs to be fixed, feel free to ask in my Discord server!

    If this resource is useful to you, consider leaving a review, it helps me out a lot! Please do not post bug reports, questions, or suggestions in the reviews, as I might not even see them.

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