ChatTools | Useful Chat Tools for your Server! 1.0.0

An easy and simple way to have better control over your chat!

  1. DarkSoldier
    • Mute the entire server chat.
    • Mute individual players.
    • Clear the entire server chat.
    • Clear an individual player's chat.
    Click here for a look at the configuration file.
    NOTE: As of right now, the {PLAYER} placeholder will not work in the configuration, so please do not attempt to use it.
    Click here to view a table of all of the permissions.
    The following features will be added shortly:
    • Temporary/timed mutes
    • Code cleanup
    • {PLAYER} config placeholder
    • Any features you request!
    By downloading and using this plugin, you agree to the following:
    • You will not claim this code/plugin as your own.
    • You will not modify the plugin's source and call it your own.
    • You will not redistribute this plugin as your own or for your own purposes.
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