Chatty - Lightweight universal Bukkit chat-system solution [1.5.2 - 1.15.2] 2.18.1

Universal chat-system solution (1.5.2+) with messages via ADVANCEMENTS.

  1. MrBrikster
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Russian, German

    Chatty is the universal chat-system solution for any server (Cauldron, Thermos, 1.5.2 e t.c.). It contains a big pack of features, that can be simply disabled if you don't need it.

    • Supports old versions (1.5.2 and higher).
    • Supports Thermos and Cauldron servers.
    • Multiple world-wide, server-wide or ranged chats.
    • Cooldowns for chats.
    • Advertisement and caps moderation.
    • Notifications at chat, ActionBar (1.8+) and Advancements (1.12+).
    • JSON chat formatting (1.7.10+).
    • Private messages.
    • Swearing protection.
    • Hover tooltips on swears for admins.
    • Command for changing prefixes and suffixes.
    • BungeeCord support.
    You can see configuration file at Chatty GitHub repository:

    A little tip: you can delete excess blocks, and plugin will work without any errors.
    Example configuration file:
    Code (Text):
        enable: true
        format: '{prefix}{player}{suffix}&r: {message}'
        permission: false
    Permissions<chat> (<chat>.see or<chat>.write) - grants access for chat.
    chatty.spy.<chat> or chatty.spy - allows to see all messages from chat-modes.
    chatty.command.spy - allows to use "/spy" command for enabling/disabling spy-mode.
    chatty.command.reload - allows to use "/chatty" command for reloading configuration. - allows to use "/chat" command.
    chatty.command.swears - allows to use "/swears" command.
    chatty.command.clearchat - allows to use "/clearchat" command (clear chat for yourself).
    chatty.command.clearchat.all - allows to use "/clearchat all" command.

    chatty.command.ignore - allows to use "/ignore" command.
    chatty.command.msg - allows to use "/msg" command.
    chatty.command.reply - allows to use "/reply" command.
    chatty.command.prefix - allows to change your prefix by "/prefix" command.
    chatty.command.prefix.others - allows to change other's prefix by "/prefix" command.
    chatty.command.suffix - allows to change your suffix by "/suffix" command.
    chatty.command.suffix.others - allows to change other's suffix by "/suffix" command.<style> or<style>.<chat> - allows to use styles in chat (styles: colors, bold, magic, reset, italic, underline, strikethrough).<list> - allows to see messages from Chat notification list.
    chatty.notification.advancements.<list> - allows to see messages from Advancements notification list.
    chatty.notification.actionbar - allows to see messages from ActionBar notification.
    chatty.moderation.advertisement - bypass advertisement moderation.
    chatty.moderation.caps - bypass caps moderation.
    chatty.cooldown or chatty.cooldown.<chat> - allows to bypass cooldown of chat.

    Screenshots and video
    Advancements notifications:

    ActionBar notifications:

    Use can use the following translations:
    en (English) - made by Chatty.
    ru (Русский) - made by Chatty.
    de (German) - made by SGT_Shan (outdated).

    The plugin doesn't have any requirements, but it can work with Vault and PlaceholderAPI.

    PlaceholderAPI variables you can see there:

    To add it to format, use %variable%, for example, %server_uptime%.

    Thanks you for downloading Chatty!
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Recent Reviews

  1. ddddddnikita
    Version: 2.18.1
    Плагин идеальный, можно настроить многое а главное для меня это идеальная поддержка DiscordSRV плагина, у кого ошибки собирайте из исходников DEV версию плагина, спасибо
  2. sergservis
    Version: 2.18.1
    Жду исправления ошибок.
    Логи не выключаються.
    log: false
  3. Herosteve
    Version: 2.18.1
    The plugin is super! The only negative is the DiscordSRV plugin is not supported
  4. Hotcoffee
    Version: 2.18.1
    how 1.16 ? Обновите на 1.16. Не работают сообщения о входе и выходе игрока. Спасибо
  5. ASKIT
    Version: 2.18.1
    There are no updates.
    There is no support DiscordSRV.
    HEX codes don't work.
  6. Alex213131
    Version: 2.18.1
    Hey man, your plugin is awesome and each user knows it. We all know about future 1.16 (or maybe 1.17) update and DiscordSRV integration in the next update. Im very impatient so id be very greatful if you consider telling the date of this update. And thanks again for such an amazing plugin
  7. zenyen
    Version: 2.18.1
    Decent plug-in, but maybe it could use some more work in terms of being optimized/lightweight. Maybe there is something wrong with my configuration, but it occasionally causes some huge TPS spikes on my server (checked using Aikar Timings v2). Most importantly, it doesn't support 1.16.1, but this is overall a good plug-in that I would recommend
  8. Vailan
    Version: 2.18.1
    Very cool plugin, but I can not understand how to make the global chat work in all worlds, and not only in the one where it was written
    1. MrBrikster
      Author's Response
      Thank you for positive review! "range: -1" to one world chat or "range: -2" to multi world.
  9. juzoTencei
    Version: 2.18.1
    Very very good plugin!
    I use it on my servers and am very pleased with the choice

    when will the update to 1.16.1?
    1. MrBrikster
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the good review!
      We're working on the global update with much new features and 1.16+ support.
  10. SSKirillSS
    Version: 2.18
    Very good "all-in-one" chat manager, fast support and suggestion implementing.

    If someone has issues with ignore/reply/papi - just wait for a new release or build plugin from source, most of the issues already fixed.

    Thanks ;)