ChatUtils 2015-04-13

Keep your chat nice and clean.

  1. CoderDerry
    ChatUtils is a custom chat utilities plugin which allows staff to control the chat in a clean way. The plugin allows the chat to be muted so only players with a bypass permission node can talk, it also allows the chat to be cleared if players are advertising other servers.

    How to use ChatUtils: Spanish

    /cc - ''
    /mutechat - 'chatu.mutechat'
    mute chat bypass - 'chatu.bypass'

    Code (Text):
    # ChatUtils v1.0 by Coltify (CoderDerry on spigotMC)

    # Chat configuration

      Mute: false
      MutedMessage: "&c&oThe chat is currently muted."
        Message: "&c<player> &7has cleared the chat!"
        Message-Mute: "&c<player> &7has muted the chat!"
        Message-UnMute: "&c<player> &7has unmuted the chat!"




Recent Reviews

  1. Maximiliano
    Version: 2015-04-13
    Really cool, i used on my server ♥!!! for vips can talk on hub