ChatWarn 1.3.0

Give players a warning that they cannot miss!

    ChickensBurning, Jones01Sean

    ChatWarn is a new plugin that when you enter /warn (player) (reason) it will send the player that you believe has broken a rule a custom warning message that also includes an onscreen popup! ChatWarn has seven basic commands each of the commands will either help you with chat related issues or help with plugin the plugin's management. After one warning has already been issued the next one will notify the command sender to mute the alleged player for increasing increments defined by the server owner in the configuration file. After all of the mute increments that the server owner has set have been used the last staff member warning them then receives another warning telling them ban the rule breaker and after the player decides to make a ban appeal on the forums their warning level will reset and the procedures will continue two more times. After the player has been banned the defined amount of times that is set in the configuration file it will become a permanent ban, meaning that they need to leave the server and will not have a chance to appeal their ban. However, of course you can decide to use the /resetuuid (player) command and reset their warning level. If your server is using a plugin that has bans but the player can change their user name and join back in again, such as a cracked or offline mode server, you can use the plugins /banuuid (player) feature banning player's UUID from the server, if the player makes an appeal and you feel as if the player should be unbanned use the /resetuuid (player) command again. This plugin is constantly being updated and improved and is extremely customizable to every server's needs!

    /chatwarn help - Gives you ingame assistance with the plugin.
    /chatload - Reloads the ChatWarn plugin.
    /warn (player) (reason) - sends a message and pop-up to the player warned.
    /chatwarn (player) (reason) - sends a message and pop-up to the player warned.​
    /chatcredits (player) - Check the players current chat warning level.
    /checkup (player) - Check the players current chat warning level.
    /banuuid (player) - bans the UUID of the player so they cannot change usernames to rejoin.
    /resetuuid (player) - Resets the players UUID to no chat warnings.

    Permissions - Permission node for the help command.
    chatwarn.reload - Permission node for the reload command.
    chatwarn.warn - Permission node for the warn command.
    chatwarn.credits - Permission node for the credits command.
    chatwarn.checkup - Permission node for the checkup command.
    chatwarn.banuuid - Permission node for the ban UUID command.
    chatwarn.uuid - Permission node for the reset UUID command.
    chatwarn.bypass - Permission node to bypass warnings and cannnot be UUID banned.
    chatwarn.bypassall - Permission node to bypasses the chatwarn.bypass permission and can warn anybody on the server.




Recent Updates

  1. Grammar Update
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Recent Reviews

  1. Regablith
    Version: 1.2.0
    Good concept, but the grammar is awful and I do not see a language file or anything.
      Author's Response
      We will fix this immediately!
  2. IsaiahFord2000
    Version: 1.2.0
    Good Plugin!