ChatWarn 1.3.0

Give players a warning that they cannot miss!

  1. Grammar Update

    - Fixed error for when an apostrophe is present in /warn (player) throwing an internal server error
    - Fixed ChatWarn prefix color code error.
    - Added support for "&" in the config (for the ChatWarn prefix).
    - Updated to 1.8.7 (Use BuildTools if you haven't already).
    - Added permission: chatwarn.bypass.
    Description: Bypasses warnings and cannot be UUID banned.
    - Added permission: chatwarn.bypassall.
    Description: Bypasses the chatwarn.bypass permission and can warn anybody on...
  2. Remove Pesky Advertisers

    - Now automatically removes chat when someone says the phrase "I am from PlanetMinecraft" or anything related to it.
    - Adds new anti-advertisement configurations to block unwanted messages!