ChatWipe v1.0

Simplest chat clear plugin!

  1. gUnit
    This plugin is very simple and lightweight. It has minimal coding and is perfect for every server to stop advertisers, spammers, etc... It simply will clean the chat for you. Works with players and console and has a player placeholder

    Commands and Permissions
    • /chatwipe
    • /c
    • /cc
    • ---------------------
    • cw.c - Clear global chat
    • - Clear personal chat
    • cw.ignore - Exclude from /c
    • Customizable messages
    • Supports & code and the special format code (shape like an S)
    • Lightweight
    • Optimized code
    • Minimal coding
    • Plugin.yml chaning
    Planned Features
    • Customizable commands
    • Add prefix option for config
    • Add more placeholders
    • Customizable permissions
    • Suggestions?
    The config is so basic, a stupid baby can configure it. Here it is. it supports color code (&e, &b, etc...)

    clear-msg: '&9ChatWiper> &b&o{player} &8&oCleared the chat'
    personal-clear-msg: '&9ChatWiper> &b&o{player} &8&oYou cleared your chat'
    deny-use: '&9ChatWiper> &c&oPermissions denied!'
    rl-msg: '&9ChatWiper> &a&oReloaded plugin'
    Bugs or Issues
    You can PM me the bugs or just go to discussion area. To avoid bugs, use Java 8_40 and PaperSpigot-1.8.3 LATEST. If u want another recompilation or a new java version, PM me. It will cost a small teeny amount ($7.50 max)

    Plugin Request

    Want me to make a plugin for you? PM me :). I am just starting development as you can see so they are very cheap

Recent Reviews

  1. Oberdiah
    Version: v1.0
    Brilliant plugin, easy to use, and very small, so it doesn't impact on my servers performance at all. All in all, I think I'll use it on my server :)
    1. gUnit
      Author's Response
      :) Happy to hear your review
  2. AndreiTheGiant
    Version: v1.0
    Theres already alot of these plugins.
    1. gUnit
      Author's Response
      Doesn't mean u gotta leave a bad rating