Checklist 1.2

Allows you to keep different checklists for whatever you need.

  1. UnSilencedSins
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    • 1.15
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    Kiran (TheCrystalStar)
    Allows users to make checklists to keep track of things they need to do.

    /checklists - opens the checklists (/cl works too)
    /clv - shows the current installed version of Checklist

    List page.png

    list hover.png

    You set the name yourself when making different lists or different tasks in a list.
    setting list name.png

    When making the checklist or task you can set the icon for it from your inventory.
    list confirm showcase.png

    When deleting tasks and lists it makes you put the name in so you dont accidentally delete something you dont want to delete!
    confirm list delete.png

    When you get the name wrong
    name wrong.png

    Clicking on a task will change it from completed to not completed and the other way around. Completed tasks glow so you know from a glance which ones you have completed so you dont have to hover over all of them.
    task showcase.png

    Its a pretty simple idea. Keep lists to keep track of things you need to do so you dont forget. Each player gets their own spot so there isnt any overlap.

    To install just download the jar and drag it into your plugins folder for your spigot server. Its as easy as that. My discord is UnSilencedSins#5865. send me a message if there is a problem.
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Recent Reviews

  1. loseron
    Version: 1.2
    Great plugin, simple and does what it needs to flawlessly with the only issue being that it costs experience to create, edit or delete a task (even though it is standard for renaming items on an anvil GUI to cost experience, it feels inconvenient in this plugin)
    1. UnSilencedSins
      Author's Response
      Hey so i looked into it and it doesn't take xp from me. the level cost is only there for a split second then it gets removed (at least for me). If you are still getting charged xp send me a pm on discord UnSilencedSins#5865 and ill try to figure it out with you but like i said, it isn't happening to me.
  2. KiranHart
    Version: 1.0
    This is the first plugin made by this user, a lot of effort went into this. It’s quite amazing what was accomplished here by someone who’ve never made a plugin before. Definitely beats your standard heal plugin.

    I would recommend this plugin to any server owners looking to add a checklist mechanic to their server. It incorporates a pagination system, allowing users to make unlimited list with tasks of which each one can be completed/checked off.

    Amazing Job - Kiran