Checklist 1.2

Allows you to keep different checklists for whatever you need.

  1. loseron
    Version: 1.2
    Great plugin, simple and does what it needs to flawlessly with the only issue being that it costs experience to create, edit or delete a task (even though it is standard for renaming items on an anvil GUI to cost experience, it feels inconvenient in this plugin)
    1. UnSilencedSins
      Author's Response
      Hey so i looked into it and it doesn't take xp from me. the level cost is only there for a split second then it gets removed (at least for me). If you are still getting charged xp send me a pm on discord UnSilencedSins#5865 and ill try to figure it out with you but like i said, it isn't happening to me.
  2. KiranHart
    Version: 1.0
    This is the first plugin made by this user, a lot of effort went into this. It’s quite amazing what was accomplished here by someone who’ve never made a plugin before. Definitely beats your standard heal plugin.

    I would recommend this plugin to any server owners looking to add a checklist mechanic to their server. It incorporates a pagination system, allowing users to make unlimited list with tasks of which each one can be completed/checked off.

    Amazing Job - Kiran