Checklist 1.2

Allows you to keep different checklists for whatever you need.

  1. Rewrite and language handling


    So as this is my first plugin the code isnt the best. I've had a request to translate this plugin into another language so its given me more incentive to rewrite it. Currently it wont allow for language handling so im going to rewrite it. So if you were looking for a different language then you should join the discord server in my home page and ask in the general support.

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  2. New Command and bug fixes


    So I think i was able to fix a few of the smaller bugs and I also added a command for checking the current version thats installed /clv

    Again, if you find any bug or issues please let me know through discord or as a thread on this post. Thanks
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  3. Issues

    So there are a few issues with saving lists right now. Im trying to find everything i can so if you find an issue then please let me know and ill try to get it fixed
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  4. Fixed issue with the main command

    As I'm finally able to test with other people other than just myself, I keep finding small and easy problems. This fixes the saving of different users to actually work now.
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  5. Fixed issue with the completion not saving

    I missed a small issue before initial release so this is a fix for it. This is basically the proper first release <3
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